The Debilitating Pattern That Holds You Back…

There is a recurring theme over the past couple of weeks that I’ve noticed clients and friends struggling with. It may be something sabotaging you that occurs as “back ground noise” in your mind that keeps you from moving forward.
What is this debilitating pattern, you ask?
Of course, we all do this to an extent – weighing decisions as small as choosing what we want for dinner – to as big as buying a car or house.
Overthinking holds you back in so many ways – delaying your goals and causing anxiety, pain and frustration! Overthinking can also lead to procrastination, which compounds and delays you from getting what you really want.
It is like a hamster wheel that you never get off of…until you take ACTION on it to break the cycle.
Here are some easy tips to overcome the overthinking hurtle: 
1. Recognize it is happening. Awareness is always the first step to solving a problem. Where does overthinking show up in your life? In your work or home life? In your health routine? Be honest with yourself and first acknowledge it.
2. See what it is costing you and take ACTION.  
Are you swearing up and down that you want to stop a behavior, but you keep repeating it and not asking for help? Your inaction is costing you something – peace of mind, connection with others, and maybe even your health.
TAKE AN ACTION. Don’t let fear or doubt hold you back.
By the way, this is the thing you’ve been putting off…you know what this is! The opposite of overthinking/procrastinating is action and when you get out of your own way, you break the pattern of overthinking.
3. Go back to your WHY. 
Why is it important to take care of yourself through self-care, for example? Why is it important for you to continue going to networking meetings or making phone calls for your business? Get back to the root of WHY you are doing this. Set small rewards when you accomplish a small goal. For example, getting your nails done or getting a massage. You get the picture!
I’d love to help you with this!
We’ll look at where you’re at, where you want to be, what’s standing in the way and how to accelerate the path for you (without any complicated strategies of course 🙂).