Three Step Healthy Boundary Prescription for Your Business

It was a WEEK last week – my dog got bit by a German Shepard…in 5 places.

She had drains for the 2 big bites that I had to drain every 8 hours, along with several other medications for pain, inflammation, infection prevention, etc.
I thought she was going to die and was terrified. I ugly face cried all day Saturday. She is okay by the way.
In a weird way, this woke me up big time to all of the things I was doing in my life that weren’t working.
Like answering everyone’s messages, giving too much, and not respecting my own time and energy. I take complete ownership of this as it’s my unconscious ‘people pleasing’ pattern. (Hey, I told you, I’m not perfect!) As a result I was DRAINED.
So I am back after a week of MAJOR self-care – Epsom salt baths with a lavendar scrub, breath work, meditations galore, deep Inner Child work, Queen time with myself and my family, and so on. I released a lot of energetic SHIT that needed to go.
I got to thinking…I can’t be the ONLY one with these challenges. That is what I want to talk about today.
So here is a healthy boundary prescription that you can start using right away in your biz to create a more balanced life.
I want you to consider all of the things you’re saying YES to, when you really mean NO.
Learning to set healthy boundaries and to STOP saying YES is a BIG challenge for us entrepreneurs.
Why the heck do we say YES when we mean NO?
We do it to avoid hurting anyone’s feelings, so people don’t think you’re a be-otch, maintain the peace, etc. AKA people pleasing so everyone won’t hate me.
So here is the prescription to take your power back:
#1. Decide what YOUR boundaries are.
When do you want to work?
What are your hours? Do you work weekends?
How can you minimize switching gears and feeling overwhelmed? Ex: You take clients on Mondays and Wednesdays. You do posts for social media on Tuesdays.
#2. Inform your audience about it.
No apologies or over-explaining – just state when you are available, when you’ll be answering emails etc.
Don’t worry – you won’t lose all of your clients! This will free up your energy for self-care, family time, and other priorities.
#3. Enforce the boundary.
If you’re uncomfortable setting boundaries, you’re not alone. AND – it is the most loving thing you can do for yourself. When you’re SO fixated on helping, giving, and sharing – you wind up getting depleted.

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