When “Working Harder” Isn’t Working

👸✨I talk to a lot of pharmacists and so many of them are wanting more for their careers – to elevate into entrepreneurship. It’s why I wrote my recent anthology/book Moving Beyond the Counter. 

Can you relate?

Right now you’re wanting more clients.

You’re wanting…

More fulfillment and abundance– to use your gifts and get paid abundantly for them.

More freedom – financially and creatively to build a business that supports your family, serves the world, and lights you up every day.

More confidence to reach more clients to make a TRUE impact through your healing abilities and talents.

But often you’re looking for the solution OUTSIDE of yourself.

✨You’re waiting for the OUTCOME (more clients) to give you the FEELING of worthiness, freedom, confidence, and abundance.

✨You’re waiting for some external event (accomplishments, accolades, compliments) to give you the feeling of validation and approval.

AND THEN you’ll feel good.

But until you reach that outcome, you’re striving, working harder, and putting in A TON of effort…and once you achieve that thing, you’re already onto the next thing.

In the meantime, you always feel ‘behind’, not good enough, or that you have to prove your worth through your work.

In essence, until you reach an outcome to feel GOOD, you’re in a survival state of stress, overwhelm, and disharmony.

It doesn’t have to be this difficult. It’s allowed to be EASIER.

After being an entrepreneur for over a decade, I’ve realized that scaling a PROFITABLE business comes down to how you’re utilizing your energy combined with smart practical systems.

Energetic efficiency is EVERYTHING.

In other words –  what you’re spending time on, who/what gets access to your energy, the subconscious programming running your actions, etc.

If you’re constantly ‘leaking’ energy (bc of people pleasing + lack of boundaries) and pushing through working hard to get results in your business, it’s going to feel like a LOT. OF. WORK.

And you won’t be able to hold higher levels of energy (money and clients.)

I’ve seen many pharmacists burn out this way and…

Quit their business and have to go back to pharmacy.

✨Hit a road bump, then push themselves harder…only to develop adrenal fatigue and abandon their business completely.

Hit income plateaus, get frustrated, then slowly pull away from working on the business (it becomes a hobby.)

And Queen, I don’t want that for you.

There’s the EFFORT way and then there’s the EASIER way.

It’s not about doing MORE – it’s about doing what MATTERS.



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