Why Energetic Efficiency will be one of the Biggest Indicators of your Profitability in 2023

I always say that it’s easy to LAUNCH a business, but to SCALE a PROFITABLE business requires  inner transformation work and practical action. In other words, blending energetic alignment with practical, smart systems. 

For a business to be PROFITABLE, a pharmacist entrepreneur needs to have several KSA’s (Knowledge, Skills, Attitudes.) As I’ve been researching to prep for my upcoming CE at PPA, I’ve uncovered what some of these KSA’s are.

According to a research article published in the American Journal of Pharmaceutical Education by TJ Mattingly, some of the key indicators for entrepreneurial success are as follows:

  • Risk-taking and innovation/creativity
  • Strategic planning
  • Teamwork
  • Decision-making
  • Proposal development
  • Critical thinking
  • Positivity
  • Self-starter
  • Proactivity
  • Communication
  • Marketing
  • Many more indicators were listed 

As pharmacists, we were not taught these business skills or ways of thinking, which is why seeking out mentorship/coaching from someone who has achieved the results you are desiring is an absolute necessity to scale a PROFITABLE business.

This is my mission with the Healers in Healthcare Movement, which is two-fold:

#1. To empower COP’s (College’s of Pharmacy) to start prepping students with these skillsets to be able to provide value-based services when they enter the work force. Entrepreneurship was not mentioned in accreditation standards (Center for the Advancement of Pharmacy Education) until 2013. This action influenced the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education (ACPE) to include entrepreneurship within the standards used to evaluate professional pharmacy programs in 2016. However, there is still no formal method for COP’s to train these students. My mission is to change this through partnering with colleges, providing entrepreneurial CE, and more through The Pharmacist Coach. 

#2. To empower pharmacists, healers, and coaches to learn these KSA’s (Knowledge, Skills, and Attitudes) to help them build sustainable, profitable, and impactful healing businesses.

I’ll go a step further from what Mattingly found in his research. Yes, all of those KSA’s are important, but the research is missing a key component.

Energetic efficiency is a key SKILL that I teach my clients so that they can scale profitable healing businesses that utilize their gifts while deeply serving their clients with integrity, intention, and love.

What do I mean by Energetic Efficiency? I am talking about how you manage, utilize, and invest your energy each and every day in your business.

This KEY indicator is unconscious to many business owners, who may solely look at more practical metrics like KPI’s (which are important too, by the way) to measure success.

If you’re a business owner, what you may NOT realize, is that a lack of energetic efficiency may be preventing you from scaling to the next level of your business. Without looking at Energetic Efficiency, it’s costing you time, money, energy, and impact.

Here’s why/how…

Let me break down the components of Energetic Efficiency –
#1. Energetic ManagementIn other words, how you are managing your energy each day?

Your attitude – This comes down to your attitude, perspective, mindset, and the STATE of your nervous system. If you’re nervous system is stuck in SURVIVAL mode, you’re always busy and you’re productive, but you’re also always stressed and in a state of urgency.

As far as your attitude are you in a stressed/contracted energy or an expansive/open energy as you work?

Do you have an attitude of collaboration? Or do you avoid collaborations because you’re in ‘competition’ mode? This cuts off opportunities and expansion of your business. 

Do you feel like you have to do everything ALL by yourself and you fear letting go of control or hiring help?

Do you feel like you have to prove your self-worth through achievements and it’s never enough? You probably won’t be resting much and your physical/mental health may suffer. 

These are subtle energy drains/leaks that don’t allow you to scale your business to the level you desire.

Your self-care and embodiment – how YOU as the leader and entrepreneur take care of your own well-being and energy is everything.

Strong leaders know that they need to take care of themselves to maintain high energy levels and enthusiasm so that they can pour into their team and the business.

Are you taking care of YOU – the visionary of the business? This involves physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental wellness.

Behaviors that promote wellness include meditation, stress management techniques, proper nutrition, exercise/movement, and self-compassion. If you’re munching on Twizzlers for lunch at noon, I’ll guarantee you’ll be irritable and have a sugar crash by 12:30-1PM.

Sure, you can ‘push’ through and get things done, but your energy won’t be used at full capacity and you’ll most likely be moving through your day feeling stressed, overwhelmed, and operating on adrenaline.

Your patterns and energy drains– I’m talking about people pleasing, perfectionism, imposter syndrome, procrastination/avoidance, or the fear of being seen.

These unconscious behaviors actually cost you income and impact in your business. It’s like having a leaky bucket and your energy (the water) is being drained. See example image below. 

Here are practical examples of how patterns/energy drains show up in your business…

If you’re afraid to implement a new service or product at your pharmacy or in your business because you have an underlying pattern of perfectionism, it’s costing you future business.

The same goes for any time you hover in hesitation to implement something in your life – whether it’s a new habit, going to the gym, etc. Perfectionism and shame sit side by side, so if you’re not ‘perfect’, you’ll often feel like you are ‘failing’ going straight to shame/blame for what went wrong. It’s a debilitating cycle that leaves you feeling drained.

The pattern of avoidance/procrastination results in uncompleted tasks, or waiting until the last minute to complete the task/project. There is a hidden payoff to this pattern because if you avoid something, you’re hoping it will resolve itself or that you won’t have to face it. However, it’s also costing you because it’s a HUGE energy leak.

As another example…When you feel guilty setting boundaries (people pleasing pattern) with your team out of fear they’ll quit or push back, you’ll find yourself drained and exhausted by the demands of it all. You’ll be answering your phone at 9PM at night, working on the weekends, and allowing everyone to have access to you at all times.

Whew, is that exhausting and draining!

Instead of having your energy DRAINED by these patterns, you could be using your energy for CREATION in your business.

I help my clients to release these blocks by utilizing nervous system techniques, EFT (tapping), hypnosis, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), along with other energy tools to help you manage your energy more effectively and efficiently.

Utilizing your energy efficiently leads to positive ripple effects in every area of your life and business.

As a result of Energetic Efficiency work, you’ll see…

Increased confidence and self-worth, less stress and overwhelm, less fear and procrastination, and a more stable nervous system to hold higher levels of wealth and clients…

Which then allows you to implement new innovative ideas, be open to new opportunities, collaborations, and more…

Thus making you more profitable (and happier, too!) 

Energetic Action Step – for Energetic Management 

What new attitudes, behaviors, or routines do you want to implement that will help your energetic management?

Examples might be: 

Meditating or praying for 5 minutes each morning or evening and closing down your devices to be distraction-free

Setting boundaries with your phone and who gets access to you (and when)

Having positive anchors (mantras) that you can turn to when you’re feeling overwhelmed

Hiring someone to help you manage stress – Angela Orr can help with this

Utilizing tapping when fears come up for you. I have a YouTube video on this HERE. 

Asking yourself, “Where can I delegate tasks to someone on my team so I can focus on my zone-of-genius?” 

#2. Energy Utilization – How are you using your energy every day?

Are you using your energy to complain about conditions you can’t control? Or are you being proactive and finding new ways to create value for your clients and customers?

Are you complaining about the poor reimbursement rates? Or are you looking at where you ARE profitable and pivoting to do more of that?

How are you serving your clients and customers?

What habit or pattern are you willing to LET GO of to LET IN new income streams and innovative ideas?

Ideas of habits to release that drain your energy:  

Complaining, judging, making other people wrong, ignoring your health, procrastinating on paying bills, avoiding looking at finances, fixating on what you can’t control, giving your power away to anyone outside of you (I.e., PBM’s, coworkers, or anyone else.)

What CAN you control? Your point of power is in the choices you make NOW. Move from that empowered place and take action to remedy what’s not working.

#3. Energy investments – How are you investing your energy?

If money is energy, then  management of your ENERGY dictates your financial future. 

How are you investing in yourself, your company, and your team to continue to grow, expand, and evolve?

How are you giving back to your community to circulate value?

The old 3D model of business is that it’s a place that many go to GET something. Get money. Get clients. That frequency is one that won’t be sustainable.

The higher frequency 5D business model that I teach my clients is that business is a place where you go to GIVE to circulate value in the world. See image below

When you circulate WEALTH (your knowledge, gifts, love) support naturally circulates back to you in the form of ideas, helpful partnerships, collaborations, connections, and material wealth.

Scaling a PROFITABLE business starts with YOU as the entrepreneur/business owner taking ownership of your ENERGY. I’ll be diving into more of this in my brand new Pristine program launching soon. 

Energetic action step – Circulating Value

How can you appreciate your customers/clients/team and provide excellence by going the extra mile? How can you circulate more value to the people in your life? 

Here are some ideas that can work in either a community pharmacy or online setting: 

Sending Christmas cards or personalized birthday cards

Doing a social media giveaway/raffle for your audience

Offering customers a complimentary vitamin assessment, a medication consultation, or diabetic shoe fitting

Offering a Brown Bag event at the pharmacy

Donate to a charity you support, fund a scholarship, or give to a homeless shelter on behalf of your business

Give incentives to your team like a Starbucks gift card or simply give them a compliment to tell them they’re doing a great job

Starting a monthly educational email newsletter

Hosting a free workshop to provide value

Buy your team lunch, donuts, coffee, or incentivize them for a job well done

Create a friendly, fun competition for employees to hit a goal and receive a prize at the end of the month

A high frequency business built on the foundation of INTEGRITY, INTENTION, and LOVE will certainly enrich the lives of others…and therefore you will always be profitable.

These are the principles, skills, and attitudes I teach my clients in all of my programs and that I’ll be teaching on in my Making the Leap from Retail Workshop happening on 1/21/23 from 10AM-12PM EST.

Let me know in the comments what your favorite point was from this article/blog!



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