✨What Happens When You’re Always ‘ON’ {The Root of Burnout}

As high-achieving CEO’s, our nervous systems are wired to be in ‘go’ mode AKA the sympathetic mode button is always ‘ON.’ Thus, the high rates of burnout in healthcare.

When you are always ‘ON’, you’ll often…

Feel a sense of urgency to get things done, checking off your task list because there is so much to do

Always be multi-tasking because of a crunched deadline or small window to get things done in…Ex :You’ll be talking to a friend on the phone while ironing a shirt and feeding your kids.

Achieve something, but never truly celebrate it or feel satisfied until you’re onto the next thing.

Feel uncertain, scattered, and on shaky ground – or wishy washy/unsure about the future. You can’t sit still to meditate for very long because your mind immediately goes to your to-do list.

In other words, you’re constantly in survival mode doing MORE because your nervous system is FAMILIAR with that state. This may continue until you get sick, binge watch 10 straight hours of Netflix, burn out, and then beat yourself up for ‘being behind.’

Trust me, I get it. Fellow high-achiever over here!

Our nervous systems are used to a certain amount of adrenaline – however we’re used to getting it.

Through engaging in drama or watching dramatic shows

Doing MORE and adding things to your plate 

Salty foods, coffee, or chocolate 

Constantly staying busy 

You get the picture.

And if you’re wanting to scale a profitable business, it’s going to feel REALLY overwhelming to your nervous system…so you unconsciously sabotage yourself (it’s a protection mechanism.)

A STABLE nervous system can hold more energy (money + clients) without overwhelm or burn out. (Read that again.)

This is one of the 6 pillars I’ll be moving through in my Sustainably Scale to Six Figures Masterclass happening on October 12th.

In that Masterclass, I’ll also be sharing about my BRAND NEW intimate Inner Circle program to help you sustainably scale to six figures without burn out or overwhelm.

This game-changing nervous system support is part of that World Class experience. 😉

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It’s allowed to be easier, Queen. Let me show you how. <3




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