Three Simple Coaching Tips to Empower Your Clients

Three Simple Coaching Tips to Empower Your Clients

I discovered the work of Dr. David Hawkins 11 years ago when I saw a video of a woman talking about this scale below.

At the time, I had just been kicked out of my house, fired from my dad’s pharmacy, and was living in a small studio apartment in Queens, NY. I was estranged from my family, was about to start my residency, and was suffering from PTSD, anxiety, depression, and a rare eating disorder called Night Eating Syndrome.

Learning about this Scale of Consciousness below changed my life. So here’s a bit more about this scale. Dr. Hawkins used Applied Kinesiology (muscle testing) to measure where individuals fell on this scale. Over the span of 20 years, he calibrated over 250,000 individuals and mapped out this scale of consciousness.

The scale is measured from 20 (Shame) all the way up to Enlightenment (1,000.) The measurements are logarithmic and increase in power as you move up the scale. So if someone calibrates at Fear (100) and another at Love (500), it’s not just a difference of 400. It’s 10 to the 100th power vs 10 to the 500th power…which is an EXPONENTIAL shift.

What struck me and applies to all of us as coaches and healers is this…

Hawkins found was that anyone who calibrated BELOW Level 200 (Courage) often had self-deprecating behaviors and that lead to dis-ease in the body. Addiction as an example, calibrates at 125 (Desire), which translates to craving certain substances.

Anyone who calibrated ABOVE 200 had self-affirming behaviors that aligned with health. In other words, the higher people calibrated on the scale, the more loving they were to themselves.

The good news is this – our ‘consciousness’ is a measure of our collective thoughts, beliefs, and perceptions – and we CAN move up the scale.

This absolutely woke me up to my own dis-ease and I started to see how my thoughts and beliefs about myself were that of a victim in the lower levels.

How did these victim patterns show up?

#1. I was blaming my parents for kicking me out of the house. I was creating stories around what happened, making them ‘wrong’ and felt extreme SHAME and GUILT about it all. I held onto resentment and couldn’t forgive myself for wanting to pursue a residency (why I got kicked out in the first place.)

#2. I wasn’t taking ownership for my own perceptions and how I was viewing life. This was all deeply unconscious to me until I received coaching around it.

#3. I held onto SHAME around my eating disorder and would starve myself during the day, then binge at night on unhealthy food. No one knew about it for years until I confided in a colleague of mine at my residency. Shame loves to hide in the dark.

As I began healing myself, I was relinquishing the lower attractor patterns (shame, guilt, fear, anger, etc) and as a result, started moving up the scale in power.

THIS is what transformation and empowerment work really boils down to and what great teachers throughout history have echoed. Relinquish lower attractor fields for higher ones. Hawkins talks about this in the book Letting Go. 

Our patients are going through similar emotions – shame, guilt, fear, holding onto resentment, etc. When they are diagnosed with an illness, it can be traumatic for them.

There is often a shock, perhaps inner stories they create – guilt about what they did ‘wrong’, and a feeling of powerlessness. The more we understand these principles and how they apply to the health of our patients, the more equipped and effective we’ll be in coaching conversations.

Here are some ways to incorporate this into your practice –

#1. You can being asking insightful questions to explore what emotions, thoughts, and beliefs are coming up for them. Talking it through and also giving them a journal assignment to explore this would be helpful as well.

#2. What emotion or belief feels most heightened for them? Use your own transformation tools or techniques to help them shift this. A simple way they can release would be to take a piece of paper and write down what they’re ready to let go of – then ripping up the paper after they’re done. This physical act of releasing and ripping up the paper has been studied and shows that this act helps to release the ‘charge’ of the emotions.

#3. You can also explore if they are blaming themselves (guilt or shame) and if it feels appropriate, allow them to explore writing a Forgiveness letter to themselves or anyone else they feel they need to forgive.

These are simple things you can incorporate into your coaching practice to help your patients feel empowered and HEAL.

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