Are You Noticing the Signs in Your Life?

🌟Signs are everywhere. Are you open to seeing and listening to them?

When you pray for something, it always shows up in some form.
However, it may not be in the way you expect. 😉
A huge part of this is trusting yourself.
Let’s say you have a desire in your heart to start a business or write a book. You put the intention out there for this.
Then you get signs – but it’s up to YOU to see them.
🌟Maybe you see a coach who can help you with this and you feel this inexplicable tug at your heart to message or email them.
🌟Or you see repeated number sequences 11:11, 222, 444, etc.
🌟Maybe you see an animal (dolphin, dove, cardinal) – whatever your ‘sign’ is confirming to take a certain path.
🌟Or maybe someone will tell you about something to look into (a retreat, a coach, a book, video etc).
The signs are there if you’re OPEN and look for them. Many people will shrug it off as a ‘coincidence’ or may not take action right away.
Your prayer is ALWAYS answered – it’s up to YOU to take the inspired action.
But what I can tell you is…
When you follow that tug on your heart and your intuition, it leads to miraculous outcomes.
This method – of putting an intention out and trusting…then being open for the signs in the external environment…is how I’ve manifested everything in my life.
From a new house (felt it when I walked in), to meeting my husband (I knew to go on Bumble), to creating my business (investing in certain coaches/retreats/events.)
All of it came from me following my gut instinct and choosing to trust that feeling versus being stuck in fear.
We all have this intuition, but many of us don’t listen to it or trust ourselves because of past experiences.
Healing the ‘not trusting self’ is a big piece of how I help women connect to their heart and guide them to follow their Highest path.
Because guess what? When you FOLLOW that feeling, the journey becomes THAT much easier (and often accelerates the path.)
It’s all available to you NOW.
Are you listening..?
LMK in the COMMENTS what signs you’ve been noticing!
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