Are You Saying This?

👸🏻✨Are you saying this?

“I just need to work on my marketing to grow my audience and reach more people.”
I hear this a lot from entrepreneurs who are launching and advancing in their business.
*By the way, there is nothing wrong with hiring a marketing coach to help you, but I want to share something with you that will give you some relief.
Here it is….
You already have the natural abilities, the knowledge/training, the life experience, the stories to tell, and the skills to speak on a stage, do a Facebook Live, or write a newsletter to draw in your clients.
You just have to get out of the logistical MIND and into your intuitive HEART.
Think about it – your clients are PEOPLE who are in some type of challenge or pain.
They want to be connected with. Understood. Heard.
That doesn’t happen from being in the mind. The words have to be spoken to from your heart.
What feels better when you say it?
“I want to market to my ideal clients.” (In the MIND) Vs “I want to connect with and serve these women.” (In the HEART)
Your ‘marketing’ may not be converting to clients because of this KEY missing piece…
If you’re always posting safe, positive content, that is great.
It is encouraging and people like you – but as my coach says – you become the ‘likeable expert.’
**But they may not see how they need you NOW. **
You want to activate their HEARTS and that happens as a natural result of YOU showing up as the most authentic version of you.
When you release the blocks of…
“I need to lose weight before I can go Live on Facebook.” (Fear of being seen/not being perfect)
“I need another certification first!!” (Fear of not being enough/being an imposter)
“I’m working so hard, but the clients aren’t translating.” (May come from playing it safe, operating from scarcity, or not connecting what they are practically experiencing with your solution.)
To be honest, there are many reasons why your content isn’t converting and I know how frustrating it can be.
When you can diagnose and release these blocks (this is my zone-of-genius)…it becomes EASY. You naturally post consistent, magnetic content and clients reach out.
So for a moment, I want you to imagine this…
Imagine how it would feel to easily call in 3 new high-end clients. To serve with your magic and receive $9k+ ($3k X 3 clients) for just BEING YOU. Notice I didn’t say DOING – this shift is from your BEING (feminine heart.)
I’ve seen it time and time again with the clients I’ve helped.
Little tweaks create MASSIVE results.
The income and impact you want isn’t far away. 😉 {Breathe a sigh of relief.}
I get it – you’re not alone. I’m here WITH you every step of the way, Queen.
Cheers to the next level of you being UNLOCKED and UNLEASHED!
What results are you ready to see?  LMK below!

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