Are You Unconsciously Doing This?

👸🏻✨I’ve been getting a lot of questions and private messages about this.

So I want to dive into it with you this week.
Women ask, “What is it you do?” Maybe you’ve seen me talk about transformation, healing, business, and monetizing your magic.
But what does that ACTUALLY look like?
Here it is in a nutshell – I help women get out of your own way so you can own your brilliance out in the world.
What I’ve found is that many women unconsciously dim their light.
Meaning you don’t let your TRUE self be seen. You may hide your gifts, shrink yourself to fit in, swallow your words instead of speaking up, stay in relationships that don’t serve you, and may sabotage your success.
This all stems from old programming, BS belief systems, past trauma, and fear/shame/guilt that holds you back and STOPS you from owning your light and your true brilliance.
Maybe you grew up hearing ‘good girls are seen and not heard.’
Or ‘you can’t speak up or you’ll get in trouble.’
Or ‘it’s not polite to brag or celebrate your accomplishments.’
Or you had experiences that made you feel like ‘my feelings, needs, and opinions don’t matter.’
So here is how this may show up NOW for you…
Blocking yourself from receiving – clients, compliments, gifts, or money. You say, ‘Oh no it’s okay! You don’t have to do that.’ Instead you subconsciously push away success or gifts because of underlying unworthiness patterns.
Avoiding being SEEN and truly putting yourself out there – whether it’s in relationships, business, or with your health/body. You sabotage yourself because it’s familiar staying small, numb, and ‘safe.’
You avoid speaking up and asking for what you want because you think it’s selfish, ‘extra’ or you’re taking from others. As a result, you live a life where you meet everyone else’s needs and you get pushed to the back-burner.
There are so many other ways this shows up, but do you just want to tolerate a MEDIOCRE existence…or do you want to OWN YOUR BRILLIANCE and CLAIM why you came here?! 😉
This is how I help my clients own your brilliance…by helping you release those blocks stopping you and keeping you small. No this isn’t ‘positive thinking’ or surface-level self-care and bubble baths.
It’s deep transformation work that will allow you to have breakthroughs in every area of your life.
This work will UNLOCK your brilliance…
Allowing you to show up to be seen, witnessed, and heard as you unleash your magic to the world.
Creating breakthroughs in your relationships so you have meaningful connections and feel lit up about your tribe and your life.
Bringing to the forefront all of who God made you to be so you can ASK FOR WHAT YOU WANT…and receive it. In your business. In your relationships. Everywhere.
THIS is true transformation. And if you’re here for that, I’m here to help. 😉 Are you ready?

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