Charge What You’re Worth

“If I do a job in 30 minutes, it’s because I spent 10 years learning how to do it in 30 minutes.  You pay me for the years, not the minutes.”

I posted this quote ☝️☝️on social media this past weekend and got an overwhelming positive response.
Here’s the thing…
✨👸🏻Everyone has a different lens of what is expensive or not. We all have a different relationship with money.
But money is simply an energy exchange. It’s actually neutral.
Many people are used to getting paid hourly. That isn’t how entrepreneurship works. 😉
✨Think about how much time, energy, and money a coach invests in THEIR development before they even talk to you.
✨Think about the courses, books, retreats, certifications, etc it took to hone their skills.
✨Think of their innate, intangible gifts of being able to laser focus on how to help you in a very short amount of time.
‘Less expensive’ is not always better.
I’d rather pay for someone who is laser focused to help me – who has been there done that…vs someone who is ‘cheaper.’
💸It’s why I invest my money in high-level coaches – people who have done TEDx talks, written books, are making higher levels of income & impact etc. People who are AT the level I want to be at.
So hell yea, I’ll charge what I’m worth.
Because I put in the work for the past 9 years, invested close to $200k (not including pharmacy school) on courses, retreats, certifications, etc…and I know my gifts can and have helped people.
I can see/hear/feel people’s blocks and help them shift very quickly. That is a skill not many people have.
I encourage the same for my clients and for you!
Let’s Elevate together!
What do you believe you’re worth?  Share it in the COMMENTS!
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