Illuminated Feminine Podcast Episode #4. Integrating Your Inner & Outer Beauty with Dr. Danielle Perrodin

Join Dr. Danielle Perrodin (my first podcast guest!!) and I as we delve into her magic as a Personal Style & Image coach. We talk about a variety of spiritual topics from a raw and real perspective. Enjoy this episode!

About Danielle:

I am Dr. Danielle Perrodin, Style & Image Coach and Functional Medicine Pharmacist.  My mission is to help women create happier, healthier more beautiful lives. Through integrating the mind, body and spirit, my clients expedite the time it takes to close the gap between their highest authentic self (who they truly are) and how they appear to the world. I combine my love for fashion and coaching to give my clients unique tools to style their mind and body in order to learn how to Be Her(£) Now!

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Danielle Perrodin, PharmD Certified Integrative Life Coach. 2019

Certified Business of Style.  Love E Fashion Academy 2019

Acadiana Fashion Week Sponsor 2018-20

Fashion Institute of Louisiana Board Member 2020

PharmD, University of Louisiana. 2005


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