In-person Marketing Tips to Scale Your Profitable Coaching Business

In-person marketing tips to Scale Your Profitable Coaching Business

If you’re an entrepreneur looking to market your services in your local area, this blog is going to help give you ideas for how to market your services, products, and programs.

Over the last 11 years of being an entrepreneur, I’ve done A LOT of in-person networking and marketing of my services.

What you may not know about me is that I’ve dipped my toe into many entrepreneurial endeavors that have laid the ground work (and confidence) for what I do now. I now help Healers in Healthcare to monetize your knowledge, own your brilliance, and scale your profitable healing business. But I didn’t start here!

Here is some of what I’ve done that has shaped my journey:
  1. I worked for my dad at his independent pharmacy for years – up until 2012. I learned so much from him about running a business, customer service, and being persistent.
  2. I did a residency in a Community Pharmacy in Brooklyn from 2012-13 (this helped me think outside the box and laid the foundation for my entrepreneurial journey)
    1. I taught diabetes classes at the residency along with provided disease state management coaching for HIV, Hepatitis C, transplant patients, infertility, and more.
    2. During that time, I also became a certified health coach through The Institute for Integrative Nutrition – You can sample a free IIN class HERE 
    3. I started my YouTube channel in 2013 and wrote my first book in 2014 (I went to Bali for a month to write that first one)
  3. I created an MTM program at my independent pharmacy back in 2015
  4. I sold Young Living essential oils from 2013-2015
  5. I taught flexible dieting/macronutrient nutrition from 2015-2017
  6. I was a health coach (with a focus on healthy weight loss) from 2012-2019 and then transitioned to transformation coaching
  7. I started doing Live retreats in 2017 and have put on six of them since then
  8. I got certified in hypnosis in 2018

And so much more.

ALL of those experiences were important for my growth and development as an entrepreneur. Remember, you can utilize all of your knowledge and skills from previous jobs and experiences toward your business NOW.

I share this because I want you to know the vast amount of ways you can monetize your knowledge as a Healer in Healthcare!

There is SO much you can do with your degree – whether you’re a pharmacist, nurse, chiropractor, PA, doctor, or other Healer in Healthcare.

Truly, anything is possible for your business. You are LIMITLESS!

Here are a few ideas that you can try on to market your services in person –
#1. Create a Meet-up group

I did this when I first moved to Pennslyvania and knew NO ONE. I created a group online called Pittsburgh Healthy Weight Loss group and grew it from there. We met on Wednesday nights for an hour at a Panera and I taught them tips and tools on healthy weight loss. is EVERYWHERE so you can literally create this an even do Zoom calls or virtual meetings if you live in a rural area. You can charge per group session OR choose to deliver the content for free to give value and then share about coaching offers you have.

Give value, circulate your wealth (knowledge, gifts, love) and you will reap the benefits in expected and unexpected ways.

#2. Join your local Chamber of commerce

Network in your local area and connect with other businesses who could potentially refer you business. This typically costs $300 per year depending on where you live. It more than pays for itself and it’s a business write off.

These are local networking meetings that meet each week at a specific time/day/location. You give a 30 second ‘commercial’ which describes your business and allows you to connect to others who may be able to refer you business. Typically, you grab coffee to connect 1:1 with people from the networking group so you can cross-refer if it’s in alignment.

When I first joined my Chamber of Commerce here in PA, I did a 50 Days to Fit Challenge for free so they could get to know, like, and trust me. We created a fun contest based upon attendance of the weekly meetings and engagement. Each participant donated $20 and the winning team got to select their charity of choice for the proceeds to go to.

I provided a ton of value and did wind up connecting with a few 1:1 clients from that experience.

#3. Look to your sphere of influence for opportunities –

Your sphere of influence is essentially a list of people. This list could be quite substantial. It consists of all the people who know you, both professionally and personally, and who may present an opportunity for word of mouth marketing, a referral, or even direct business.

Create relationships with local health food stores, gym, independent pharmacies, or businesses.

I did this back in Howard Beach when I lived in Queens. I went into a health food store and bought a smoothie there. I started talking to the owner and formed a relationship with him over time. I created a flyer that I hung on the door and left my business cards at the front counter. The owner wound up referring me two really good clients who became raving fans of mine!

#4. Speak for free at a networking or business meeting

I started speaking at senior citizen homes back in 2013…and none of them paid attention. But hey, I was just starting! In a way, it was the perfect opportunity for me to overcome my fear of speaking and still be able to help in some small way!

When I got comfortable with speaking and became a Certified Speaker, I created events around Brooklyn and Queens – seeking out opportunities where I could speak for free. There are other ways to get speaking experience such as Toastmasters (which is also on

When I moved to Pennsylvania, I networked in all types of groups – BNI, Chamber of Commerce, Christian Business Partners, and more.

I’ve spoken at gyms, book stores, coffee shops, my co-op (in Brooklyn) – literally anywhere that there were 4 walls and chairs for people to sit and listen to me!

#5. Participate in a health fairs/expos

I did this with my Young Living business and had a table at many health fairs and expos in NYC. You’ll be able to Google those opportunities to see what local events are going on for you.

If you are in a networking group, there are usually tons of opportunities to participate in local events where you can SHOW UP and SHINE (as I like to say!)

#6. Connect with your local independent pharmacy –

There are so many new ways you can support your independent pharmacy in helping them create value for their customers and add an additional revenue stream for them. You can run a diabetes program, weight loss program, or anything else you come up with! Get creative and go for it!

#7. Volunteer!

I volunteered at Meals on Wheels for a couple of years when I first moved to Pittsburgh and it was so rewarding. I built a strong network there and the relationships I grew were beyond helpful in so many unexpected ways. You never know who you’ll meet while volunteering!

These are just a few ideas for you to get started in scaling your profitable coaching business.

If you’re finding yourself getting stuck on taking action to network or implement these ideas, I can help!

If you’re struggling with owning your gifts, feeling confident, and getting out of your own way to take action in your business, this is my specialty. I help you release blocks like perfectionism, people pleasing, procrastination, and fear of failure…so that you can SHINE confidently when presenting yourself and thus, scale your profitable healing business.


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Dr. Christina Fontana, AKA The Pharmacist Coach, is a pharmacist, holistic healer, rapid transformation business coach, speaker, and 5-time author. She helps spiritually-driven women to ‘Reignite Your Light’ and shine in your brilliance, confidence, and true essence. 

She started her entrepreneurial journey 11 years ago being disempowered, homelessness, broke, with eating disorders, PTSD, and anxiety and has since transformed, turning her pain into purpose, empowering women all over the world to step into more purpose, power, and prosperity. 

Over the last 11 years, Dr. Christina has been providing uplifting, transformational content through her Youtube videos, books, courses, programs, and Conferences. Her mission is to empower more healers and business owners unlock their innate gifts to create a domino effect of healing on the world.