Letting Go of the Old in Order to Let In the New

Can you relate? 👇👇

You want some new outcome in your life.
✅Maybe you want to find a partner or take your relationship to the next level to get engaged or married.
✅Maybe you want to become stronger and healthier.
✅Or start or grow a business.
Here is what very few coaches talk about…The law of transmutation. {Stay with me here…}👇👇
The law of transmutation states that ALL people have within them the power to change the conditions in their lives. The law of transmutation responds to the most dominant thoughts in our mind.
You see life through a certain lens based upon past experiences, judgments, subconscious programming etc.
You need to LET GO of the old in order to LET IN the new.
In order to create energetic SPACE for those things to come into your life, you often need to LET GO of the old. Whether it’s old beliefs, stories, habits, or emotions. You must let go to let in.
🌟If you want a new partner, but you’re still energizing thoughts about your ex, there isn’t space there for someone else to come in. If you are holding onto old stories of being ‘unlovable’ or unworthy, you need to free those stories to CREATE the space for love.
🌟If you want better health, you often have old habits dictating the level of health you’ve created. You need to let go of those old habits, thoughts, and beliefs in order to CREATE better health.
🌟If you want a business, but your subconscious self-image is attached to an OLD identity, you can expect the same old result. You need to let go of that limited self-image to embrace the Higher version of you that already has the successful business.
Here is how to shift this: 👸🏻
#1. Pick an area of your life where you are struggling. Ex: Money, relationship with spouse, relationship with self, health, career. Pick any topic.
#2. Ask questions. What old stories, ideas, beliefs, or programming are you holding around this area? What resistance is there?
#3. Dive deep into where this came from. Parents? Society?
Something you made meaning out of from an experience?
#4. Actively choose to LET IT GO and write the opposite belief and story.
YOU choose the reality you experience.
This is the power of transformation work and how I’ve completely transformed my life.
You can do the same!
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