Raising Your Standards

So many coaches talk about getting to your ‘next level.’

But what does that really mean? And how the heck do you do it?
First, you have to start by RAISING YOUR STANDARDS.
Right now you have current standards for your life.
🌟You make a certain amount of $$ in your business or job…
🌟You have your relationships and what you’ll tolerate and accept…
🌟You have your beliefs about your health and well-being….
And as a result, you’ve created your reality through your beliefs and expectations about those things.
So…how do you upgrade your standards to create a new reality?
Anchoring in new thoughts over and over and over and over…until it forms a belief.
Your reality is created from your BELIEFS. You can meditate, visualize, affirm, whatever your brand of doing that is – commit to it DAILY.
You have to get your energy and FULL faith behind knowing it’s possible.
In essence, you are raising your energy and expectation to what you’re available for.
So if it’s THAT easy, why isn’t everyone doing this?
Most people start this process, but then old patterns and thoughts kick in and the resistance and fear comes up.
It’s easy to stay on the path of least resistance (staying stuck in the same patterns), but if you’re reading this, that isn’t the life you want. Am I right? 😉
So if your current subconscious programming and belief is that you can ONLY make money from your job, that you only deserve a certain amount, that money is bad…whatever that programming is….
Your logical brain will challenge the thought that money is abundant. And revert back to the path of least resistance.
You have to…
🌟KEEP thinking the new thoughts for it to become a BELIEF
🌟KEEP believing the new beliefs for it to become an EXPECTATION
and 🌟KEEP feeling the feelings of that expectation for it to become your REALITY.
Inside of The Elevate Membership , I simplify this process and show you how to bust through subconscious blocks, clear resistance, and elevate your energy & mindset for transformation…with a group of visionary, bad-ass women!
You are deserving of an #Elevatedlife! Let’s do this!
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