The ACTUAL Math to Leaving Your Pharmacy Job

If you want to transition out of your pharmacy job, you need to replace your income.

For many pharmacists, that salary can range. For the sake of argument, let’s say $100,000 or roughly $8,333.00/month. 

Right before I quit my pharmacy job back in 2019, I couldn’t figure out the ‘how’ of creating $10k months in my business to replace my income. I so badly wanted to be FREE, work on my own time, using my gifts in service to others. I just had no clue how to do it. Until I learned these needle movers below.
So here’s the uncomplicated math (and some examples)
2 clients at $5,000
3 clients at $3,333
5 clients at $2,000
10 clients at $500
You get the point and you probably already knew this. But knowing those figures helps you reverse engineer your offers and your efforts.
The challenge with most of us who went to pharmacy school and weren’t taught business (pretty much all of us,) is that you need to know HOW to get those clients into your inbox.
(This is part of my secret sauce and what I teach my 1:1 clients in my Lit Up Lightworker Program.)
You may THINK that you just need…
>>Better time management or just more time to beta test your program
>>Yet another certification
>>A marketing coach to help you figure it all out or manage social media FOR you
>>To invest $ in paid Facebook ads (Btw – you can reach your ideal audience organically without spending $)
It’s actually allowed to be MUCH easier with these needle movers to call in more clients….
>>Communicating your brilliance and owning your zone-of-genius –articulating how YOU specifically help clients get amazing results. And actually sharing those results in a practical way that they self-identify with.
>>Packaging an Irresistible Signature Offer that takes your YES client through a simple arc of transformation, delivering those amazing results.
>>Energetic Management – This is solely for YOU. Your peace of mind and deep levels of self-care. Things like creating healthy boundaries with clients and your schedule, dedicating time when you’re ‘off’ and ‘on.’
This could also look like you communicating your needs with your spouse and/or delegating tasks and hiring support (Virtual Assistant, babysitter, doggy daycare, etc.) Give yourself permission to be supported to work on your business – no, it’s not selfish.
>>Showing up consistently, sharing what you know, and making offers. It doesn’t matter what your medium is – newsletter, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok. Building a relationship with your audience is how you grow the KLT (know, like, and trust) factor. Then you share what you know and you make your Irresistible Offer!
>>Honoring and raising your standards for your pricing. No bartering, giving discounts, or low-balling your pricing because you don’t see how anyone could pay you. When you do those things, you’re communicating to the Universe that you are accepting ‘less than’ for your gifts and services. Charge premium rates for your coaching packages – the people are there. 😉
If you commit to these needle movers, you’ll see a MASSIVE shift in your income and impact – I promise. 😉 You’ll start to see clients in your inbox because they see you as a solution to their challenges.
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