The Highest Version of Yourself

✨There is a Highest version of yourself that exists somewhere in the future.

This version of you feels…
-Confident, powerful, and safe in your body
-Open to trusting your intuition and operating from FLOW
-Aligned with your purpose and Divine mission
-Worthy of receiving abundance for your gifts
So how do you actually GET to that version of yourself in that vision?
You begin by anchoring in new beliefs, thoughts, and feeling elevated emotions about ALREADY being there.
Depending on your primary clair abilities (way you pick up information), different tools can help you to anchor in those new beliefs.
Here are some examples of what I have my clients do…
I have them…
*Create a list of songs that hype them up to dance in the vision
*Listen to subconscious programming through hypnosis
*Put their goals on sticky notes on their mirror, fridge, etc.
*Feeling into elevated emotions (joy, gratitude, bliss).
There are a lot of ways to begin encoding that Higher version of you through these simple actions listed above.
You can start by taking those small actions TODAY to accelerate the path to the future you. 😉
Cheering you on, Queen!  LMK which small actions you’re working on in the COMMENTS!
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