What’s Really BLOCKING you from Receiving?

👸🏻✨Where are you BLOCKING yourself from Receiving?

Not allowing yourself to receive isn’t a mindset issue – it’s a nervous system imbalance.

Can you relate? 👇👇

☑️Do you tell yourself that you’re bad with money, relationships, or keeping healthy habits? That ‘it is what it is and it won’t get any better?’
☑️That it’s selfish and excessive to want MORE for your life?
☑️Subconsciously you think you’re only allowed a certain amount of joy, love, money, or success…because that’s what you saw growing up.
That you must suffer, sacrifice, and work REALLY hard to get any outcome.
So often we are programmed to DO and GIVE to others. It’s all over our societal blueprint.
‘It’s better to give than receive.’
‘You’re good if you give.’
Yet constantly giving without receiving causes burnout, nervous system dysregulation/imbalance, resentment, and disconnection from self.
In other words, your nervous system is wired for fear and CONTRACTION, which will never allow in abundance and EXPANSION.
Unconsciously, you wind up connecting and giving to yourself through unhealthy things…
✨Consuming excessive amounts of alcohol to avoid feeling
✨Numbing out through food
✨Staying busy helping everyone else
✨Shopping, over-spending, and seeking vacations, material things, or experiences just to FEEL something good
✨Staying distracted through scrolling on social media comparing yourself to what everyone else is doing
✨Losing yourself in your kids activities or ‘keeping up with the Joneses”
As you fade into the background…
💎Blocks to allowing ourselves to receive DIRECTLY relate to the inability to let go of control, be vulnerable, and/or ask for help. This is often a pattern from past trauma.
What if there was a smoother, easier path? (Btw, there is – ask me how I know? 😉)
There is a higher reality you can tap into where you can experience more freedom, joy, expansion, and abundance.
But it requires you to LET GO of something to LET IN that goodness.
You wouldn’t drink expired milk 🥛in the fridge – so why hold onto old patterns that aren’t good for you?
It’s time to LET GO to LET IN.
Remember – It’s allowed to be easy and it’s your time to SHINE!
What are YOU holding on to?  LMK in the comments!
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