✨How to Reclaim Your Power NOW✨

👸How we learn to give our power away – and how to reclaim yours NOW

I can vividly remember the fear pulsating through my body as I sat in the back seat of my moms minivan as she screamed at me.

I was eight or nine years old.

“How could you not want to be friends with so-and-so?! You two just need to get along!” she screamed.

I was being bullied at school by a group of girls and did not like the girl she was yelling at me for not wanting to play with.

As a highly sensitive child, I could sense this girl’s jealousy and negative energy and didn’t want to be friends with her.

In the back seat of that car, I was terrified. Frozen in fear. Powerless.

I learned in that moment (and compounded micro-moments throughout my childhood) that…

🌟Even if I had a desire or wanted to speak up, it was deemed ‘wrong.’

🌟If I didn’t want to do something, I would be forced to do it anyway, against my will.

🌟I’d be punished for speaking up or setting a boundary.

🌟My feelings were wrong and bad.

🌟That I was inherently bad.

I had many experiences like the above sprinkled throughout my younger years…

Getting yelled at for not wanting to do gymnastics…

Emoting (crying, feeling sad or angry) and getting punished for it…

Having a desire and speaking up, but immediately having it be shut down…

💫I learned that it was SAFER to give my power away, because if I spoke up or expressed myself, I would get punished.

In the earlier days of my business, this directly translated into how I showed up in my business.

I gave my power away by…

💫Under-charging, over-delivering, and feeling overly responsible for clients.

💫Saying YES to obligations when everything inside of me wanted to say NO (because I felt so guilty)

💫Feeling like I ‘had’ to keep the peace with certain colleagues, even though I was clearly being disrespected and not appreciated.

💫Following what everyone else said I should be doing.

And I was RUN by all of those familiar childhood emotions – guilt and shame.

🌟It wasn’t until I moved through this deep inner transformation work that I slowly began to reclaim the pieces of my soul that I’d lost during those formative years.

This is a huge part of why I do the work I do with healers in healthcare.

This is just ONE of many stories that threaded my journey up until now.

I’m here to help women take their power back.

🌟To own and communicate your brilliant gifts and get paid abundantly for them. 

🌟To confidently shine your light, own your value, and what you bring to the table. 

🌟To build a sustainable, heart-centered business that support YOU, while giving back to humanity. 

THIS is what empowerment is to me. And it’s available to you now. 👑

I’m here with an open heart and open arms for you to heal this and reclaim your power, Queen. Reply to this post with “Queen” when you’re ready to meet yours 💋

It’s time to SHINE! 💫

With love,


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