✨I Was Insecure About This…✨

👸✨We are almost PUBLISHED for book #5 and I’m still in awe of how this project came together so quickly.

My editor is sending over the final paperback version of the manuscript TODAY and it’s so surreal.

All of the contributors were truly so incredible in engaging with the group, getting their writing pieces in on time, and being open to this entire journey. I’m very grateful to all of them. 

My intention for this powerful book is that it will touch thousands of pharmacists – for them to see what’s possible beyond retail, hospital, or traditional pharmacy.

So yesterday, after I finished up a day full of client calls, I started reflecting on the past 10 years of my entrepreneurial journey – with so much gratitude, grace, and compassion. Some days I am still in awe of how I get to spend my time each week in supporting brilliant pharmacist women.  

It wasn’t always this way… Ten years ago I was a deeply insecure 24-year-old woman.

I’d been abused, suppressed, and tormented by my own family because I wanted to pursue a residency.

I was thrown out of my house like Tuesday’s garbage and it was the beginning of my AWAKENING to who I really am. God had to break me open to the miracles that came after that. 

I had the unconscious identity of a victim – someone who didn’t deserve good things in life.

So I abused myself.

✨I woke up every night to binge on unhealthy food to numb myself out from all of the pain I held in my body.

✨I drank to dissociate from all of the pain of deep rejection of who I was at the core.

✨I attracted abusive men who ridiculed my sensitivity and who also numbed out through drugs, alcohol, and work.


Because abuse was familiar – and once passed as love in my family of origin.

I’m sharing this to tell you that right now you’re seeing my AFTER picture. 10 years after I started this healing journey. 

You’re seeing the books. The retreats. The programs. The glamorous pictures. 

Under it all – I’m a woman who’s transmuted ALL of that deeply seated pain into PASSION and PURPOSE.

And I’m on fire to support pharmacists.

I know what it’s like to feel alone, insecure, not know what tf you’re doing, and yet know how much LOVE you have to give the world.

So here’s what I want you to know…

Keep going. Follow your intuition. Trust your gut instincts. 

When you get really still and quiet, you’ll know where to move, invest, collaborate, and take action.

This entrepreneur game is won through consistency, determination, and lots of inner work. 

And I’m here with my heart wide open to support you when your’e ready, Queen.

You’ve got this. 😉



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