Eight Powerful Principles & Elevated Standards to Scale Your Business

The Magnetic Wealth Queen’s Eight Elevated Standards

Lately, you’ve been hearing me share more about this new elevated archetype, the Magnetic Wealth Queen. As I’ve uncovered deeper layers of my own shadow over the past 8 months– I’ve unlocked even more power, pleasure, and ease for my business…and I’ve become HER.

And I want the same for you, Queen.

Btw, not that my business is perfect or there aren’t challenging days, but I’m able to move through resistance in a matter of hours versus getting stuck and spiraling out for weeks or months.

So here’s what I want you to know.

The magnetic wealth Queen doesn’t ‘accidentally’ receive abundantly for her gifts, hit $20k+ months, and successfully scale her business.

She DECIDES and commands a new STANDARD for herself.

When I think over the last decade of the thousands of healers, coaches, and pharmacists I’ve served, I’ve noticed specific trends in the ones who see RESULTS.

There are certain principles and standards in the women who embody this Magnetic Wealth Queen archetype and successfully scale their businesses. 

The Magnetic Wealth Queen builds her business from these 8 potent principles/standards…

#1. God is her CEO and is the true well-spring from which her feminine potency pours into the world. First and foremost, this Queen knows that she is the humble channel for God’s light and love to bless the world. The more she honors her Divine desires, the more she TRUSTS that God is the one leading her business and can take action. These two go hand-in-hand – receiving (feminine) the DESIRE and taking aligned action (masculine) from TRUST. 

#2. She says a F*CK YES to her full-body, ALL-IN desires. She knows and trusts that her desires are really soul nudges along her path leading her to her Queendom…and she takes immediate action on them. She doesn’t WAIT for someone else to give her permission to say YES to her Divine desires.

#3. She knows that her energy is her most powerful currency. She’s crystal clear about who gets access to her energy (and when), how to set loving boundaries to protect her energy field, and releases everything that is a “should” or un-fulfilling obligation…to make space for new levels of pleasure and wealth.

#4. She attracts her clients through her BEING-ness, not simply by DOING more. The Magnetic Wealth Queen knows that it’s really about the energy that’s running through her business vs the actions she’s taking or how ‘busy’ she is or isn’t. This pleasure-sourced, magnetic energy allows for more flow, ease, and magnetism to weave throughout her business. 

#5. She invests in doing the inner work because she knows that is where true growth and expansion happens. This Queen is courageous enough to dance with her inner self and her shadow. She takes radical ownership over all of the defense mechanisms, personas, beliefs, and unconscious masks she’s built up over a lifetime of protecting her heart. She knows that holding onto this costs her connection, authentic self-expression, money in her business, and service to her potential clients.

#6. She gives herself permission to UPGRADE her support. She knows that leaning on support and allowing others to help her, will help her business expand. She’s humble enough to ask for help when she needs it and more wealth is a natural extension of surrendering needing to do it all.

#7. She deeply TRUSTS that money ALWAYS supports her and that there is always enough. She knows that when she invests in herself, it’s showing the Universe that she’s energetically ALL-IN and the results will naturally follow…and that she’s her most WORTHY investment. When she plays in the realm of investing higher levels of wealth, she will naturally expand her receiving capacity.

#8. She lives, breathes, and operates from the version of her who IS at the level she desires. If she desires $50k months, she asks, “How would I BE, THINK, and ACT if that were already DONE?” Then she takes action from THAT version of herself.

These principles are part of what I’ll be teaching over in my free private FB group for pharmacists, Magnetic Wealth Queen.

If the above standards are a hell yes, no-brainer for you and you’re ready to go ALL-IN to embody YOUR Magnetic Wealth Queen for your business, request to join us through this link.

This group is for pharmacist entrepreneurs who are…

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✨ALL-IN to do what it takes to scale and will actively participate in the group…

This is NOT for pharmacist entrepreneurs who are…

Not serious or wishy-washy about investing in yourself to scale your business…

✨Wanting to absorb free content, but not take action to implement it or take the content to piece it together by yourself… 

✨Going to ghost or avoid me when I message you or lovingly challenge you… 

Ready to play in higher levels of wealth? We’re going ALL THE WAY UP in this group!

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