Homeless to $1M Business – How I Did It

👸🏻✨Homeless to $1M business – How I Did it 👇👇

I’ve been very introspective on my own growth journey over the last 3 years since I quit pharmacy and how my business got to the point where I’m approaching $1M in the life of my business. Most of you know I started this journey off homeless, living out of my car in 2012.
And there was something interesting that happened along the way…
Thinking back to 2019 when I quit my pharmacy job, I hired a business coach and hit some big milestones – $80k in 8 months. But then I stumbled a bit. And the strategies stopped working for me.
The problem was that I was trying to get to the next level, but I kept getting in my own way.
I unconsciously sabotaged enrollment calls because of deeply held unworthiness patterns.
I was playing small, posting ‘positive’ rah rah marketing instead of challenging my audience and showing up to be SEEN in all of my brilliance.
I kept trying the ‘strategies’ from other coaches, but when it wasn’t working, I kept looping in and out of vicious cycles of shame, guilt, and the whole – “What’s wrong with me?”
Unconsciously, I didn’t think I actually DESERVED to have that success. My old unconscious identity was still that of a victim, a person who was meant to ‘stay small’ and ‘not get in trouble’ or rock the boat too much.
No one was actively teaching what I needed to break through to 6 figures (beyond strategy and ‘mindset’ coaching.)
One of my mentors modeled it at her retreat and I started to catch onto what would help me get to my dream – of making a BIGGER impact on women and the world.
I released decades of programming – of people-pleasing, unworthiness, control patterns, and the fear of being seen in my brilliance.
That’s when I went from $80k to almost $200k very quickly.
I truly became UNLEASHED, not worrying about what people would think, do, or say if I set a boundary, spoke my needs, or shared my income.
Instead of hiding behind certifications, feeling like an imposter, I became raw and real with my audience, showing all aspects of myself.
In essence, I stepped into my Highest embodiment..and the impact and income and impact followed.
I bring many of these principles together in my coaching programs.  These aren’t ‘mastermind’ or ‘lovey dovey coaching groups.’ They are an EXPERIENCE for women who are ready to ACCELERATE the path to UNLOCKING their next level.
Is this you?  LMK in the comments!

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