How I Moved from $20k/Year to $20k/Months in My Business

👸✨1:1 highly curated coaching took me from less than $10-20k per YEAR to $20k MONTHS and beyond 👇👇

I’ve been at this entrepreneur game for 10 years and I’ve invested close to $300k (not including pharmacy school) in my transformation. 

And here’s what I’ve found…

What I’ve discovered in my decade as a coach (and being a client in other coaches programs) is that there is NOTHING ELSE like highly curated, 1:1 support with an expert coach who can help you accelerate your path forward.

There is TREMENDOUS value in…

Having someone in your corner.
All eyes on you.
Guiding you to illuminate…

Your identity.
Your charisma and confidence.
Your wealth and ability to receive.
Your presence and passion.
Your embodiment.
Your brilliance.

This is exactly what I’ve created my new offer, The Magnetic Wealth Queen. This potent 8 month journey is a high-level 1:1 CATALYST container, where you’ll literally be activated into the BIGNESS of who you came here to be.

No more hiding, playing small, or stifling your self-expression.

Our focus will be on IGNITING you into your highest expression as you bring to life your illuminated essence your soul has been craving.

As we are igniting you into your highest, anything that isn’t in alignment will be burnt away.

This is YOUR alchemical process.

Your next level of wealth, UNLOCKED.

We’ll go deep and burn down anything that isn’t in your highest truth. We’ll do whatever it takes to shift you into your truth, light, and power.

Instead of being a glimmering match in the background, you’re gonna to BE the WHOLE. DAMN. FIRE.

Lit up and anchored in unshakeable confidence. 

This potent 1:1 journey with me includes…

✨👸Daily Voxer support to help you confidently navigate conversations with leads to increase your close rate, work through elevating your offers, review social media copy, and more.

✨👸Lifetime Access to high-value, timeless content where I show you specific messaging frameworks for magnetic soul client attraction and creating a client converting proposal letter to soulfully sell through Messenger.

You’ll continue to use these tools as you scale from $5k months to $10k months and beyond. 

✨👸Practices, prompts, and principles to elevate your magnetism, so you’re expanding your receiving capacity and anchoring in safety to HOLD higher levels of wealth and clients.

✨👸1:1 deep dive sessions with me every other week to rewire your subconscious to magnetize and HOLD consistent higher income months – $5k, $7k, $10k+ months with more ease and flow.

You’ll be collapsing + accelerating time to this next elevated level of you – something that would take you 5 years now takes you 6 months.

This is an investment that pays off for years to come as you consistently scale your soul aligned biz.

If you’re ready to UNLOCK The Magnetic Wealth Queen inside of you…

Connect with me or my team to get started.

It’s TIME, Queen. 👸



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