If Money Were Your Boyfriend….

👸🏻✨👑If money were your boyfriend, how would he say you’ve been treating him over the past month?

Yes, I’m seriously asking you this. 😉 Imagine that MONEY were a person.
Have you been…
✨Controlling and demanding, pushing him around FORCING him to be with you?
✨Avoiding and hiding, unconsciously pushing him away because you never want to look at him?
✨Desperate and needy, trying so hard to keep him around or wondering where he’s been?
✨Gripping on for dear life out of FEAR because you’re afraid he won’t come back?
💸If money WERE your actual boyfriend and you were doing the actions above, would he want to come around?
Yes, we joked about this on Day 3 of the Facebook Live, but energetically, your relationship with money is a HUGE part of scaling your business.
How would these patterns show up in your business?
If you’re controlling and demanding, you may fixate on why he (money) isn’t coming around. As a result, you CONSTANTLY feel anxiety or frustration when having to look at your bills or even talk about money.
✨If you’ve been hiding or avoiding money – you may procrastinate on actually putting together your Signature offer or putting it out for people to PAY for your services.
✨If you’re desperate and needy, your ideal clients can sense it and they may give objections like, “Not right now” or “I can’t afford it” even though you KNOW you can help them.
✨Gripping onto fear? You can’t actually allow money to flow IN, because you’re in contracted states of anxiety.
Here’s the thing I want you to know…
Money is actually NEUTRAL. We just add drama, meaning, and stories around it based upon our programming and upbringing.
What if you could feel FREE with money? If you could let him go and TRUST that he’d come back in? 😉
That would feel pretty damn good wouldn’t it?! And he’d probably come around WAY more!
To rewire your relationship with wealth, it’s not enough to just say affirmations, do a vision board, or consciously THINK your way into abundance.
I’ve seen entrepreneurs stay stuck making less than $10k/year for YEARS because of this lack/scarcity/unworthiness programming with money. And I know you don’t want that to be you.
This is about subconscious REWIRING, which is why, in Elevate Entrepreneur Academy we take a DEEP dive into your stories, blocks, and blindspots around money.
In Elevate Entrepreneur Academy, we’ll move through…
✨Elevating Your Money Mindset Trainings to unwind unworthiness and anchor in abundance.
✨Creating passive income streams to diversify where your leads funnel into your low, medium, and high level offers.
✨Clearing your money channels to expand your receiving capacity.
✨Reprogramming your subconscious self-image and embodiment around your authentic leadership energy.
✨And so much more inside this game-changing course!
It’s allowed to be EASY and it’s YOUR time to SHINE!
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