She Rises to Desire Podcast Episode 19. Beyond Boundaries, Plugging Energy Leaks in Your Business

Today I’m talking about getting through ‘traffic coning’ – a term I coined that refers to getting fixated on problems that don’t move the needle in your business. In other words, little things that create resistance that pull your energy away from tasks, and ultimately your goal.

Examples of traffic coning yourself –

*Getting caught in distractions

*Fixating on a negative comment you got, a mistake you made, or a bad review

*Taking things personally when things don’t go your way and going down a shame spiral

One traffic cone is fine – you just swerve around it. But when they line up, it can put you on a detour and derail your business efforts.

These are some things you can do –

#1. Move your energy. Go dance or move around. Take a walk and say the mantra, “Bless and Release.”

#2. Set boundaries so that you can focus. This may look like you taking social media apps off your phone after a certain time, putting your phone on Do Not Disturb, or giving clear boundaries with clients and when they can communicate with you.

#3. Don’t take anything personally. In the Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz, this is KEY. Nothing anyone does is because of YOU. Everyone is living in their own reality and their own ‘dream’ as the author calls it. This helped me big time to release and not take things so personally.

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