Patterns and Habits from Multi Six- and Seven- Figure Business Owners

Over the last 10 years of being an entrepreneur, I started observing certain patterns in the coaches earning multiple six and seven figures per year in their business.

I began to see that their success wasn’t JUST about strategy or the actions they were taking, but the way they were BEING in the world. They held a certain intangible frequency of certainty, self-trust, and unshakeable power that seemed to magnetize people to them.

As I moved through deep layers of my own transformation, it became easier to attract my soul clients and RECEIVE higher levels of wealth for my gifts. 

And as I grew my transformation coaching business to 7-figures, I noticed that there were THREE distinct phases of business transformation that I had to move through to get there.

The first phase is about RELEASING old programming, blocks, vicious cycles, and protection mechanisms that dim your light along with revealing your soul gifts. Staying stuck here results in having your business be a hobby where you may still be working your pharmacy job or not getting the # of clients you desire.

The second phase is about UNLOCKING new levels of trust, activating your authentic, powerful leadership energy, and subsequently elevating your offers, messaging, pricing, and standards. Staying stuck in this level results in income plateaus or feast/famine cycles where you have big spikes and troughs in income due to lack of energetic sustainability.

The third phase is about EMBODIMENT and energetic sustainability. Your business is pleasure-led in this phase and you follow your DESIRES vs operating from rigid practical strategy. In this phase, you expand your RECEIVING capacity to hold higher levels of wealth.

You become MAGNETIC to your soul clients because you’re operating from CERTAINTY and power…and taking pleasure-led action. The energy here is light, easeful, and full of synchronicities.

Many pharmacist entrepreneurs stay stuck in Phase 1, unable to make the leap into the higher levels because of the lack of the inner transformation and looping in and out of the blocks and self-sabotage that come up in the lower phases (unworthiness, overthinking + control, people pleasing, perfectionism, etc.)

But I KNOW that’s not what you’re here for, Queen. 😉

You’re ready to EMBODY higher levels of certainty, power, and freedom to RECEIVE higher levels of wealth and clients. To make an impact on the world, be a powerful example for your children, and live your life on YOUR terms.

I recently did a powerful free training on this topic inside of my Magnetic Wealth Queen Facebook group. In that training, I shared specific things I did in my journey to accelerate into the third phase of holding higher levels of wealth + clients. 

You’re not going to want to miss this one – trust me. 

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In the meantime, I’m cheering you on in your business!



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