“People Will Hate Me if I Do This…”

💫Blocks and self-sabotage can be sneaky. Am I right? They’re SO subtle that we aren’t even aware how we are getting in our own way.💫

Blocks and self-sabotage can make life difficult, unworkable, and delay success big time.
Ex: You REALLY want to grow your business, but you’re finding yourself doing the laundry, feeding your fish, doing literally ANYTHING else but the needle mover you know will help you.
Queen, I get it! Sometimes I watch Netflix for too many hours, eat chips and salsa for dinner, and all the things…when I KNOW what I need to be doing. 😉
The first step to any change is awareness – and you can’t change what you don’t even know is there. This is often what shows up in my 1:1 sessions with clients that we can work through, witness, and clear quickly.
For example, you’re blocking yourself from earning more in your biz because subconsciously you think…
If I make more than my parents, it’s disrespectful.
I’ll have to pay more taxes if I earn more.
Everyone will hate me if I’m making more and I won’t be relatable.
It’s not safe to earn more than my 9-5 job.
I can’t leave! I’ll be abandoning people at my current job.
All of this is under the surface of a block. And until you bring it to the surface to be cleared, it’s going to STOP you (or severely delay the process) from moving forward.
LMK in the comments what blocks are holding you back from shining your light!
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