Three Keys to Communicating Your Brilliance in Your Business

Is this you?

✨You know you have soul gifts, talents, knowledge, and a divine purpose to share with the world.
✨You’re really passionate about helping your clients move toward healing and away from relying on medications. You’re a healing BRIDGE for them to see there is a different way.
But sometimes you get stuck articulating your unique medicine and magic.
👸🏻✨Today I’m sharing my three tips to communicate your brilliance in your heart-centered business.
By the way, I did a video about this in my Facebook group HERE.
Here are the three tips –
**I go more in depth in the Facebook video
#1. Communicating your brilliance comes from knowing yourself deeply and OWNING all aspects of yourself. If you are disconnected from yourself and your feelings due to numbing, avoidance, or conditioning it can hinder how you connect with others (your clients.)
The more you move through your healing and transformation journey and RECONNECT back to who you really are, it becomes much smoother to know, own, and communicate your brilliance.
#2. Clearing blocks helps you communicate your brilliance.
Ex: Fear of being seen, imposter syndrome, perfectionism, unworthiness, analysis paralysis to name a few.
The block is just the top layer and there are typically roots and layers of resistance (thoughts, emotions, trauma, beliefs) that get in the way. For example, you may have shame around being sensitive, have programming of not ‘bragging’ or some form of not being enough (young enough, pretty enough, thin enough, knowledgeable enough.)
When you examine and challenge these beliefs, it clears the path for you to show up as YOU…because you know you’re enough just the way you are NOW. 😉
#3. Get into your client’s experience – pain points, challenges, and desires.
Get into your soulmate client’s head – what they’re feeling, thinking, and where they want to be. You can then speak from the place of knowing yourself, the magic you bring, and how you are uniquely positioned to solve their problems.
I’ll be diving into this more in depth at the Entrepreneur Healing Summit happening on 2/4 and 2/5 from 9AM-3PM EST.
See you there!


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