Three Unconscious Reasons You’re Blocking Receiving

ūüĎłūüŹĽ‚ú®I talk to a lot of business owners each week who have tried many things to call in more clients. They genuinely want to serve using their gifts, but something isn’t working.

Many of them come to me feeling burn out, resentful, and depleted because they’ve tried so many things – hiring various business or marketing coaches, working on their messaging, trying so many different strategies…but nothing is moving the needle.
Here’s PART of the missing piece. You ready?
It’s the subconscious mind.
The subconscious mind runs 95% of everything you do and unless you address subconscious blocks, you’ll feel like you are on a hamster wheel perpetually waiting for the cheese (reward) and expecting different results.
Which brings me to my topic for today – Three unconscious reasons why we don’t feel safe and block receiving.¬†This may be part of what needs to shift in your business.
#1. You subconsciously don’t feel worthy or good enough to receive blessings or miracles in your life.¬†Energetically, you’re repelling it away from you because somewhere along the way you were imprinted that you aren’t good enough or worthy enough to receive for being YOU. If someone tries to help you, gives you a gift, you question it or push it away.
#2. Fear of loss. At one point, you received something that made you so happy, then you lost it. Now your nervous system is resistant to receiving it because of the deep fear of losing it again.
#3. You have limiting beliefs around needing to struggle, hustle, work really hard to receive anything because your ego is trying to convince you that you need to prove yourself good enough first.
Here are some quick ways to heal this.
#1. Receive in small ways.¬†Instead of deflecting compliments, gifts, or blessings graciously receive them and simply say “Thank you.”
#2. Work with the subconscious. Before you go to bed at night or when you wake up in the morning, do some mirror work and do some affirmations.
#3. Give to yourself.¬†Don’t wait for others to give to you, first. The Universe will match your frequency to the degree of the level of self-love and deservingness that you feel. When this shifts, you’ll begin to manifest better life circumstances.
Start small – get a massage, take an Epsom salt bath, allow yourself to create a self-love day of the week and pamper yourself.
These micro actions create a domino effect and the more you love yourself, you start naturally cutting out toxic relationships or habits or even quitting the job that underpays or doesn’t treat you well.
You no longer tolerate abusive places, spaces, or relationships. PERIOD.
When you love yourself and know you are deserving of GIVING to yourself, good things start to flow for you.
LMK what resonates most with you in this post!

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