Unconventional Shifts That Sky-Rocketed Me to $250k+/Year in My Heart-Centered Business

👸🏻✨Unconventional shifts that took me from $10k/year to $250k+/year in my heart-centered business

For the first 7 years of my business (2012 to 2019), I was dabbling at best.
I was convincing myself that I was REALLY putting effort into my business, but I was totally playing small.
I convinced myself that…
✨If I worked hard enough and was consistent, I could MAKE my business successful…
✨I was ‘doing the work’ even though I was playing small investing in low-end Mastermind groups, online programs, and reading books on business…
✨I was ‘putting myself out there’, but in reality, I was hiding out behind perfectionism sabotaging the hell out of myself…
Let’s call it what it is…it was total B.S.💩
It wasn’t until I started being in the energy of coaches who were playing bigger that I got any real momentum. These were multiple six figure and seven figure coaches who were influencing thousands of people (and doing it with integrity, consistently.)
Of course, I learned a ton of strategy from them, but it was the subtle energetic patterns that I saw in them that caught my attention.
No one else was talking about it at the time, but I OBSERVED it in those coaches.
They were neutral with money.
No stories. No drama or attachment. They simply TRUSTED money in a way I’d never seen modeled before.
They took ACTION (a sign of empowerment) when opportunities came their way, and they invested in themselves. No hemming and hawing about whether or not to do it.
They had made incremental upgrades over time to get where they were (it didn’t happen overnight.)
During a VIP day I had in Miami in 2020, my transformation/biz coach told me to upgrade my gym membership (I’d been at a Planet Fitness at $20/month) and start going to a $200/month gym.
She guided me to get monthly facials, massages, and really take care of myself.
But it was way more than just surface-level self-care that got me here. It was having to face off with all of the unworthiness, lack/scarcity, and unconscious ways I was pushing away money and good things. AKA the inner transformation work.
And guess what happened?
As I unwound decades worth of programming around money (lots of unworthiness, scarcity/lack), I became free with it like never before. My self-love grew and the Universe caught onto that.
The less grip I had on money, the more it was able to flow in for me.
I went from $50k in 2018, to $80k in 2019, to $200k in 2020, and so on…
And with each incremental upgrade, my influence and income grew.
These are the deep conversations we’ll be having in the Elevate Your Business 3-Day Challenge starting this Wednesday (yes, as in 2 days from now.)
We don’t do surface level here! 😉
It’s allowed to be easy and it’s YOUR time to shine.
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