What It’s Like Working 1:1 With Me

What it’s like Working 1:1 with Me {A Behind-the-Scenes Sneak Peek}

I have had a lot of pharmacists ask about this recently so this week I wanted to give you a sneak peek into what it’s like working 1:1 with me.
Of course, I have other offerings like my…
>>Elevate Entrepreneur Academy – my 6 month Signature Course that helps you release blocks to own your brilliance and scale your profitable, heart-centered business.
>>Monetize Your Magic DIY e-course – which walks you through a 6 week step-by-step path of how to grow your heart-centered business.
And lots of other DIY courses…
But there’s really NOTHING like working 1:1 with someone who has been where you are, genuinely wants to see you win, and knows how to guide you to accelerate the path to scaling your business.
The 1:1 work I do with women is an intimate journey of practical and energetic work, meaning we focus on the inner shifts and outer strategy that YOU specifically need to scale your business easily and quickly.
It’s easy to START a business, but to SCALE a profitable one, you need BOTH of those components (energetic/practical work.)
So let’s say we were starting to work together in my 8 month 1:1 Lit Up Lightworker Program…
In the very first deep dive VIP session I have with you, I’m able to tune into your energy within the first 5 minutes to pin point the blocks and energy drains keeping you stuck and help you clear them quickly (right in that very first session.)
Energetically, I do extensive research into your Life Path #, Human Design, astrology chart, etc to get a clear picture of how to optimize your energetic efficiency in your business…making your scaling path way smoother.
My laser-sharp intuition picks up ‘downloads’ of information about your gifts, blocks, and blindspots – through seeing, feeling, hearing, and knowing certain things about you and what will help you fast-track your path with the greatest EASE. It’s like having a clear channel (yours truly) look deep into your soul, pin point your gifts, and lovingly help you clear blocks, while elevating and expanding you into your next level. 
You’ll move through the INNER work – hypnosis/subconscious reprogramming, Eden energy work, breath work, quantum healing, energetic mastery AND practical strategy to fast track into building your profitable business.
Since 95% of everything you do is subconscious, it often feels like moving through MUD to get to your goal and create a new reality for yourself. Most people try to ‘work harder’ and consciously change, but you’ll be accelerating your path BIG time since we work on subconscious reprogramming.
Something that would take you 5 years to accomplish now takes you 6-8 months!
We also dive into practical needle movers + soul-aligned strategies…
Often you THINK you are doing ALLL of the things (posting on social media consistently, reaching out to leads, etc) but because you are so close to your business, you often can’t SEE what’s blocking you or how you’re tripping yourself up.
Practically, I get a feel for how you’ve been showing up on social media, on your website, the type of messaging you’ve been using, etc.
Then we work on shifting and strategizing together – tweaking certain needle movers, elevating your messaging, releasing old programming keeping you in vicious cycles so you can quickly scale your income and impact.
Since I’ve been on this journey for the last decade, I can see where the open loops and gaps are right away. Maybe for you, it’s a practical gap in your messaging or sales process, OR it’s an energetic shift (often it’s BOTH.) We partner TOGETHER to clear old patterns and integrate aligned strategy (that feels good to you) to accelerate your journey.
We meet every other week on Zoom to shift and strategize to continue expanding you into your next level, too. You have access to me for 8 whole months (through email or Messenger) to pick my brain, share content for review/feedback, and be your go-to when any hiccups or challenges come up. I’ve got your back, Queen.
For 1:1 clients, I also give bonuses like free headshots, retreat tickets, access to courses, Queen crowns, and other individual surprises. 😉
As a result, you’ll have…
· A proven, step-by-step process for setting up your new heart-centered business so you can start transitioning out of your pharmacy job ASAP.
A repeatable, intuitive system that you can use for years to come that will generate $5k, $7k, $10k+ months inside of your business
· A solid foundation to be profitable so you can make this transition without sacrificing your family’s income.
· Be reprogramming patterns of over-giving and over-delivering to instead be able to attract clients who are happy to pay you for your gifts!
· Excited to wake up every day inspired to work on your business, knowing you’re providing for your family, serving your soulmate clients, AND living out your life purpose!
Ultimately, the life-changing result you walk away with is becoming the most confident, authentic version of you, while stepping into your next level and building your PROFITABLE heart-centered business that will serve you for years to come!!!
It’s truly miraculous, fulfilling, and life-changing.
Let’s do the damn thing! Cheering you on, Queen!
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