What You’re Really Wanting For Your Business

Pharmacist Entrepreneur, I Get You…

Your business is your baby.
You’ve put a lot of love, time, energy, money, and resources into it. And the journey of birthing that baby into the world can be thrilling, exciting and yet scary and daunting at times.
You may be overwhelmed with all of the coaches, certifications, and programs out there in your newsfeed.
Maybe you’re seeing your fellow colleagues flocking to a certain biz coach, but when you try to work with that person, something just feels ‘off.’ (Trust your gut on that.)
You’re looking for a more intuitive approach tailored specifically to YOU and your unique business needs.
What you’re REALLY wanting is to partner with a coach who…
Will lovingly hold and support you in the spaces and times when you feel frustrated, lost, or scared as you stretch your comfort zone to launch/scale your business.
Really GETS you and is able to quickly tune into your unique soul blueprint + the messages your heart wants to share, and help you channel it into beautiful magnetic messaging posts that will activate your audience to work with you.
Will validate your feelings instead of giving logical responses to ‘just try another strategy’ or ‘push through the resistance.’
Knows where you’re at (yep – most likely, I’ve been there too) – and also knows the inner and outer strategies to help you fast-track your path so you’re not spending years doing things that don’t move the needle.
Will help you release blocks (imposter syndrome, perfectionism, fear of being seen) to transform into the empowered badass you know you are…so you can serve your soulmate clients and get paid abundantly for it.
All of this and more is the energy I bring to my clients.
We partner together to bring forth your heart-centered business into the world.
We dance with the discomfort of any resistance, blocks, or self-sabotage that may come up…and make transformation LIGHT. 😉
We journey to connect you back into your heart and intuition so you’re leading your business with the magnetic love your clients need…and doing it with ease and FLOW.
It’s allowed to be EASY and it’s YOUR time to SHINE!
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