What’s in the Way of You Receiving Your Desires in Your Business?


Many of the pharmacist entrepreneurs that DM me asking how to work with me come to me struggling to RECEIVE higher levels of wealth, visibility, and clients.

Why is that?

Of course, there can be many root causes (operating from the disempowered masculine, unworthiness patterns, and other unconscious fears.) I pick up on this within 5 minutes of being in their energy. 

But often what I see is that many women deny themselves of what they want OR feel guilty after honoring their desires. And that pattern keeps you in the frequency of scarcity, lack, and deprivation…which only keeps the cycle going. 

We are fundamentally programmed and taught that…

Speaking or taking action on our desires is bad, wrong, or selfish.

✨It’s a ‘good’ thing to sacrifice what you want to make others happy first, while putting yourself on the back burner. (Unconscious form of self-abandonment)

✨You have to struggle, work hard, and push to get the outcomes you want in business (rather than leading your business from your Divine feminine desires and pleasure-led, grounded masculine action)

✨You have to check-in with others to make sure it’s okay to take action on your desires first (giving your power away, while not trusting yourself)

✨Denying your desires or pleasure in any capacity = self-restraint and the ‘responsible’/logical thing to do

But what you’re REALLY doing is denying yourself of your desires, while building the ‘logical’, fear-based evidence of why you can’t actually HAVE it. AKA – “I don’t have enough time, money, energy, resources.”

And this lack/scarcity/deprivation will show up EVERYWHERE in your life…(But it doesn’t have to).

It shows up in…

Your health – Where you may deny yourself of certain foods (because you’re afraid to gain weight or over-indulge), totally by-pass your body’s natural signals (for rest, water, nourishment/food, etc), OR don’t have enough time to work out or take care of yourself

Your business – Where you deny yourself the help and support you need to invest in (because you’re afraid that there isn’t enough money and you’ll see your bank account diminish.) OR you never have enough time to do what you need to (time scarcity.)

Your relationship with others – Giving so much to everyone else, while ignoring your own needs and wants…and by-passing self-nourishment and self-care

✨Your relationship with yourself – You’re constantly busy in work mode, but never really have time to connect with yourself to actually TUNE IN to what you want

This lack/scarcity/deprivation cycle is totally unconscious…and the conscious choice to change and rewire this has to come from YOU.

No one outside of you can convince you that you’re SAFE to trust your desires and to take pleasure-led ACTION.

Here’s the truth…

You get to powerfully DECIDE to create a beautiful feminine desire-led business based upon…

The soul-led messaging magnetism that feels aligned, juicy, and exciting to course through your business…

✨The pleasure-led product portal that channels through your offers, pricing, and content that will be a ‘f*ck yes’ for your aligned clients..

✨The embodied enrollment process that naturally leads your clients into your ‘hell yes’, of course offer…

✨The sacred boundaries and standards you desire to create to hold and RECEIVE those higher levels of wealth and clients (without overwhelm or burnout.)

This is exactly what we’ll be moving through ☝️in my newest pleasure-led offer, The Magnetic Wealth Queen.

It’s a highly curated 1:1 offer for pharmacist entrepreneurs to master your energetic magnetism, deepen into higher levels of embodied RECEIVING, and align to your highest wealth timeline for your business. Lack, scarcity, and deprivation cycles will be a long-distant memory when you step into this. 

This is an intimate EXPERIENCE with yours truly where you’ll dive deep into yourself to recalibrate back to your TRUE feminine magnetism, your Magnetic Wealth Queen essence.

We are working with deep embodied wealth energetics and practical systems to hold higher levels of RECEIVING.

This isn’t for everyone…and it’s not meant to be. I’m intentionally vetting the women I bring into this 1:1 experience as space is extremely limited for this opportunity. I don’t just work with anyone at this level. 😉 More to come very soon…

With Love,


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