Why Your Desire Hasn’t Shown Up Yet

We all have desires and things we want. It’s human nature.

Maybe your desire is better health, to attract a healthy partner, to write a book, do a TEDx talk, create a movement etc.
Your desires were placed in your heart for a reason.
So how do you actually have that desire drop into your reality?
Often it is our belief and expectation that it’s possible ALONG with subsequent action (habits and embodiment) that leads to the result we want.
But this work is not just about manipulating outcomes to GET something…it’s about releasing blocks in the way and opening yourself up to receiving it.
This week I want to share a video I made on Why Your Desire Hasn’t Shown Up (Yet).
It’s allowed to be easy.
You get to DECIDE what you experience.
You’ve got this. 😉
Tell me in the COMMENTS what you desire to experience!
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