✨👸🏻 You’re Not Broken, You’re Being BROKEN OPEN to Your Own Love✨👸🏻

👸✨This is proof that we can heal through our traumas. That the little girls inside of us can feel worthy, beautiful, powerful, and full of self-love.

It’s Cancer season…and as I’m writing my part of book #5, I’m moving through several layers of heart clearing and opening.

I am writing a book about becoming a heart-centered healer in healthcare, so of course I’m being required to EMBODY and MASTER that in myself.

Over the last month or so…

I’ve grieved over my 25 year old self – how lost, depressed, and alone she felt after being abused, rejected, and abandoned by her own family.

I’ve mourned over the confused 14 year old who was full of self-hatred who thought she had to be ‘perfect’ – thin, smart, good enough to be loved.

I’ve ached for the little 5 year old girl who felt trapped, stifled, and powerless to just be loved and accepted for herself.

It went deep. 

And I’ve also…

Felt deeper levels of love, joy, and heart opening than ever before…

Cried tears of joy as I witness how far I’ve come along my healing journey since 2012 – to create books, programs, courses, retreats, projects, and scholarships so near and dear to my heart….so that other women would never have to feel alone or lost.

Met myself in a brand new way – as I love myself and those parts of me that need more love, not less.

So in honor of today’s holiday, here’s to FREEDOM.

True liberation that can only come from within each heart as we are broken OPEN by our experiences to love more fiercely than ever.

You are not BROKEN…your heart is being BROKEN OPEN to love more than ever before…

You are loved.

You are so deeply cherished by me.

I love you.

Keep anchoring the light, Queens.

Continue the generosity, the love, the openness. The world needs it.

With love,



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