✨👸🏻What it Practically Looks Like to be the Queen of Your Business

👸✨What it practically looks like to be the Queen of your business

As the Queen, you MOVE from desire and what feels good for your body, bank account, and business

This looks like…

Taking your power back and raising your standards and boundaries.

Keeping your energy clean and closing open loops and things that leak your energy.

Saying HELL YES to the opportunities that feel aligned for your heart and soul.

For me, being the Queen of my business means giving myself permission to…

Say no to anything that drains me to keep my energy clean and in pristine alignment. Decluttering groups, people, or responsibilities that no longer feel aligned or that drain me…sans guilt.

Speak my truth and move with conviction – yes, even if no one likes, shares, comments, or approves of the idea first.

Soulfully sell my offers solely from Messenger + without getting on a Discovery call or spending hours back and forth in Messenger (my energy is always selling for me and I’ve set up systems to do this with ease.)

Working three days a week – max 15 hours per week on my business AND 3 weeks out of the month (I take off the last week of the month)

I work less than 15 hours per week serving my soul clients and make 5X+ more than I ever did as a pharmacist.

This didn’t just ‘happen’ – I DECIDED for it to be easier through specific energetic shifts and practical system setup for my business.

This is how it gets to be easy (and way more fun), Queen.

And I’m here to help you step into this, too.

My Queen, Unlocked program gets you four weeks with me in your corner guiding you to unlock your Queen…so it can be EASY.

We dive deep dive into…

Subconscious clearing

Inner child healing

Embodiment work

Power reclamation

Sacred sexy standards/boundaries 😉

Practical strategy to scale + MORE.

Email me to learn more + join the waitlist. It’s allowed to be easier, Queen.



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