Dealing with Criticism in Your Business

Today I wanted to share about how to deal with criticism in your business as you grow.

When it happens you can…
>>Try to be positive and suppress your feelings about it.
>>Pretend it doesn’t effect you.
>>Run away from it or ignore it.
But without acknowledging it, the festering energy of it can linger and cause you to play small or dim your light in the future.
So here it is…
I’m going to call this out with love. Not everyone is going to cheer you on in your business. I wish it were different, but sometimes people say cruel things. I’ve also had people be nice to my face, but hear they talk behind my back.
Has that stopped me? F*CK NO! It doesn’t have to stop you either.
Everyone from ex-boyfriends, to friends, to colleagues, and even my own family has said discouraging remarks to me about my business. I can remember having a heated argument with my dad at a restaurant in Florida because he didn’t support my decision to leave my pharmacy job. The poor people next to us were so uncomfortable!
More recently, I’ve had many women actually minimize or subtly make fun of the Queen crowns I give my clients and what I do. They’ve said, “Nice hat” or “How was your little Queen event?” I had someone ask if I was pregnant recently because of a picture I took at an event. Totally inappropriate.
For whatever reason, they needed to try to belittle me or put me down very subtly so they don’t look bad. They’re probably the ones who need uplifting and to actually come to my retreats! So I bless those women.
So how do you deal with criticism from an elevated/Higher perspective?
#1. Feel it/acknowledge it. Allow yourself to look at the comment or hear the words. Don’t run away, block it out, or ignore it. Ok – this person said something about you, your opinion, or your business. Breathe and let it be there.
#2. Remove the meaning from it. What are you making it mean about yourself? That you’re ‘bad’ or that your business is going to fall apart? Go to the depths of the fear. Is this remark true? What is the source of the comment? What is the persons’s comment evoking in you? Ex: The need to be perfect, to get approval, etc.
BONUS Action Step– Move through the Ho’ponopono prayer for them (they’re most likely hurting if they say negative things about you)…
Say, “I love you. I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you.”
#3. Focus on the people who DO support you. If you have a small group or no one else, know that I will cheer you on. DM me on Instagram @thepharmacistcoach and I’ll send you some love and encouragement. <3
From the highest perspective, I see criticism as a way for me to strengthen my inner resilience and anchor in self-love even MORE.
Not everyone is going to cheer you on – and that’s their opinion (everyone has one.) You’re brilliant and know that not everyone will ‘get’ the desires you have in your heart.
After you’ve moved through these steps above, give yourself permission to remove, block, or minimize contact with people who don’t lift you up. Set those healthy boundaries.
Readjust that crown and keep it movin!’
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