How People Pleasing Keeps You Small

👸✨ The path of least resistance is often to revert back to the SMALL version of you. [I’m a STAND for your greatness, Queen]

This is the ‘small’ version of you that…

✨Is tamped down, is a ‘good girl’, and suppresses your true needs and desires because it’s easier to not rock the boat or upset the apple cart.

✨Feels guilty, unworthy, or selfish for speaking your desires or investing in yourself because you need your spouse’s approval or ‘go ahead’ in order to make a move in your business. You may also unconsciously absorb their programming and limiting money stories.

✨Succumbs to the expectations (from others) of how you ‘should’ be – whether it’s how you spend your time with your family, how you spend your money, what you feed your body or otherwise.

There is often an INTERNAL judgmental story happening here that’s keeping you looping in and out of the same vicious cycles week after week…and it feels like you’re constantly treading water, but never progressing in your business.

It’s all too overwhelming to deal with and so you shrink back to being small because it’s SAFE. 

What’s really happening here? You’re unconsciously giving your power away, Queen. And it’s COSTING you in your business.

People pleasing is like trying to pour water (energy) into a colander and all of the energy leaks out…so you’re constantly DRAINED.

This is how ‘People Pleasing’ shows up in your business…

✨You keep beta testing or under-charging on your programs, avoiding launching at full price because you don’t want to seem ungrateful for what you have, or you want to avoid people judging you.

✨You’re trying to do everything yourself – feeling like you have to be busy because your worth is tied up in your work, but you feel like you’re drowning. Then you feel guilty for working on your business but not seeing results because you’re taking time from your family.

✨Over-giving in your life and business – hand-holding your clients – feeling overly responsible for getting them results, over-delivering on your content and time, then feeling resentful, depleted, and exhausted.

✨Being afraid to set boundaries with clients, your team, or leads out of guilt and fearing that you’ll be seen as unkind, bitchy, or ungrateful – so you’re always busy taking care of everyone else.

You can tell you’re experiencing people pleasing when you’re left feeling depleted, resentful, exhausted, and frustrated in your business.

You are often busy, feel like there is never enough time in the day, and don’t have time for the most important person in your business…YOU.

If you’re reading this and saying, ‘WOW – you’re describing me to a ‘T’, then from my heart, I’m here to help you.

If you already know you want to dive right in to clear these energy leaks, reclaim your power, and sustainably scale a six figure business, email me, and we’ll chat about how I can help.

It’s allowed to be EASY, Queen. Let me show you how. 😉

With love,


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