Illuminated Feminine Podcast Episode #7. Healing Female Relationships: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Past trauma, bullying, and ridicule from childhood can leave us with many stories about other females as adults.

“I get along better with men.” “Girls are catty/bitchy/etc.”

Healing those sisterhood wounds can be so liberating in recalibrating the relationship to the feminine not just for your personal life, but for business too!

Tune in as Amber and I discuss healing the sisterhood wound, female to female friendships, and her new virtual course, The Intentional Living Series!

Amber Connelly is a certified Executive Leadership coach, transformation expert and former clinical pharmacist. She helps professionals kick exhaustion to the curb and never feel burnt out again. With over 4 years of coaching and mentoring experience, she bring vision clarity and accountability to the table for her clients. She has experience teaching at a top 10 nationally ranked pharmacy program and has mentored many health and business professionals.

Her signature “truth telling” style paired with her excellent questioning skills, allow her clients to find clarity in their life/career direction. Her clients love her because of her energy, listening ability and unshakable commitment to helping stuck professionals move forward in their lives, health and career. Connect with Amber on IG: @Amber_Connelly_,[email protected]


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