I’m DONE Being Quiet About This…

👸✨I’M here to create a F*CKING MOVEMENT. And I’m done hiding it or being quiet about it.

I’m on fire 🔥for my purpose to help empower pharmacists (and healers in healthcare) to break FREE of your traditional healthcare job to OWN your gifts as a heart-centered healer to scale a PROFITABLE business.

Many pharmacists are ‘hidden healers’ and have SO many gifts to share with the world! We just haven’t been taught how to unlock them and receive for our gifts.

Trust me, I get it….because I used to be SO stuck in my own patterns…

✨Hiding my soul gifts behind fancy certifications, my PharmD, and my computer screen doing all of the backend things (tinkering with my website, perfecting my logo, etc)…

✨Working REALLY hard, posting more and getting on more podcasts, trying to mentally figure out how to ‘get’ more clients…even though I was terrified to be seen or go Live on social media

✨Over-thinking, feeling anxious, and operating my business purely from STRATEGY…which totally felt like throwing darts in the dark….

It all felt really HEAVY 💣and difficult.

It was because I was SO disconnected from myself, my true desires, and my heart.

💯I was also operating from disempowered masculine programming (control, perfectionism) and disempowered feminine conditioning (feeling unworthy, people pleasing, being the ‘good girl’.)

As a result, I never made more than $10-20k/year and my impact was very little.

At that time I was part time in my business and full time in retail pharmacy.

I had convinced myself that I was happy tolerating the bare-fucking-minimum for myself…

✨Going to work at a retail job that paid the bills but didn’t fulfill me…

✨Working twelve hour back to back shifts (💡under fluorescent bulbs in constant chaos or complete boredom) where I wasn’t allowed to leave the pharmacy or have an actual break…

✨Suffocating my self-expression + gifts while standing behind a counter with debilitating neck pain…

💯I HAD TO BE THE ONE TO DECIDE ENOUGH WAS ENOUGH…AND TO STOP PLAYING SMALL BEING SO SCARED TO INVEST IN MYSELF. I didn’t get a permission slip. I didn’t wait for someone to tell me it was okay to leave. I just DECIDED.

All of that changed when I finally invested in 1:1 coaching and went through DEEP levels of transformation work where I had to face off with myself.

👑I had to face off with the fear/control patterns, the ‘needy’ energy I was projecting, the deep unworthiness I felt around money and my ability to receive it. The perfectionism loops that kept my self-expression stifled and my light hidden.

ALL. OF. IT. HAD. TO. GO. ✌🏼

So here’s what I REALLY want to say…

Your soul purpose and Queen essence is SO MUCH bigger than all of this!!! Hovering in hesitation or confusion is NOT serving you and it’s actually delaying your path forward.

So if you’re so done suffocating and you’re READY to…

✨Unlock + own your gifts to scale a PROFITABLE business with more ease and flow (vs trying to control it all…)

✨Operate at your FULL capacity, leading your business with your heart + feminine magnetism (vs THINKING and STRIVING your way to the outcomes you seek)….

✨Release your old limited programming, beliefs, and identity so you can SOAR as the Queen you came here to be…

If this is speaking to you and is a HELL YES, you’re in the right place.

👑This is the foundation for ALL of the life-changing healing/transformation work and the methodology I use with my pharmacist healer clients to help them OWN their light while scaling a profitable business.

There is so much more POWER, aliveness, and magnetism when you operate your business from this elevated energy of feminine desire + being SO connected to your HEART.

And I’m here to ACTIVATE this new wave of healers to ELEVATE into service, love, and expanded levels of wealth.

Here’s your next step to MOVE into this elevated state…

✨I am now offering spots for my Elevate Entrepreneur Academy, my Signature 6 Month Program to help you transform from burn out pharmacist to full-time heart-centered healer, scaling your profitable business with ease + flow.

✨This life-changing program contains my game-changing strategies, systems, and support to help you release unconscious fears holding you back, shine your brilliance so you can scale your PROFITABLE heart-centered business.

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 It’s YOUR time to SHINE, Queen! 👑



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