My Why

This past weekend, I had my brand photo shoot for my business. As I was reflecting on the day, I started to think about my real WHY.

So I wanted to share this with you…

🌟To all the women…[MY REAL WHY]🌟
To all the women out there who have ever felt…

Criticized, judged, and beaten down because you were different.
Shame, guilt, and fear to be your TRUE self.
Lost, confused, heavy, and stuck not knowing where to turn to just FEEL BETTER.

To all of you who have ever been…

Abused – whether mentally, emotionally, physically, sexually, or otherwise.
In a relationship with someone who diminished your sense of self-worth, tried to control you, or manipulate you.

I’ve been there too. ☝️

And it’s why I’ve dedicated my life to helping women release old programming holding you back so you can OWN your brilliance out in the world.
I’ve been abused (and bullied) – mentally, physically, emotionally from very early on in my life.
I’ve attracted narcissistic men all my life and unconsciously played the victim and kept repeating the cycle of abuse.
As a result of the abuse I endured, I turned the abuse inward on myself and developed 2 eating disorders – anorexia and Night Eating Syndrome.
Had my tires slashed by a crazy ex-boyfriend.
Been fired from my pharmacy job.
Kicked out of my house, left to be homeless, jobless, and living out of my car.

So trust me, I’ve been there. To the depths of the human experience where I was contemplating ending my life.

👸🏻And it’s why this business is not JUST a business where I dress up and wear pretty crowns.

🌟💫It’s a DIVINE MISSION. AND I’m committed to helping as many people as possible WAKE UP to your Divine brilliance.

It’s time to RISE in your Queen essence.

✨To the woman that the Divine called you here to be.
✨Because all of those experiences showed you contrast.
✨They called you into bringing it all of your own wounding to the surface to be healed.
✨To transmute fear into love. Shame into innocence. Judgment into discernment.
✨They revealed the darkness so you could step into your LIGHT.

There is a way out of this.

To heal. 🙌🏻
To own your crown 👸🏻and remember your light. 💫

So LMK in the comments, are you ready? 🙌🏻

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