The #1 Block Pharmacists Have That Cost You In Your Business

Perfectionism is a heavy armor that blocks you from FULLY being seen in your brilliance.

Can you relate?
As pharmacists, we are trained to be perfect. In everything we do.
Filling prescriptions. Consulting with doctors. 
Completing checklists for corporate. 
Running a C-II inventory. 
Answering patient’s questions correctly. 
All. The. Things.
Every move or mistake we make can have dire and deadly consequences.
If you’re anything like me, those neural pathways of perfection have probably been woven within you WELL before pharmacy school…and they get woven so deeply and cause ripple effects everywhere in your life and business.
Resulting in…
>>Silently judging your own perceived imperfections – your body, your feelings, your choices, and all that comes with running your business.  
>>Judging imperfection in others and resisting when your expectations aren’t met by them.
>>Striving to prove your worth through achieving and hitting numbers.
(Whether it’s the # of prescriptions filled or the $$ you make each month – unconsciously it’s the same.)
>>Being in control and wearing the ‘Independent Woman’/masculine mask…but then isolating yourself because of the big walls you build around yourself.
Here’s the thing I’ve learned…
Needing to be ‘on’ all of the time is exhausting.
To the ego, perfectionism is ‘protecting’ you from experiencing shame, criticism, judgment, tough emotions, or vulnerability. {Read that one again.} The ego thinks, “if I never make a mistake, I can’t be criticized. If I’m thin enough/pretty enough/smart enough I can protect myself from pain.”
But in REALITY, perfection costs you big time…and unconsciously causes you to…
>>Play small/dim your light because you are scared to make a mistake on your Facebook Live, say the wrong thing in a post, or have someone say a negative comment about your website. 
>>Over-give and over-deliver because you’re fearful you won’t give enough value to your client or that they’ll be disappointed in you. 
>>Fixate on creating the content you THINK will activate your audience, spending hours polishing it but procrastinating on actually putting it out.  
>>Avoid tough conversations with clients because you’re afraid of conflict or having someone not like or approve of you. Or that you’ll ‘get in trouble’ if you speak your mind.
>>Perform, prove, or please your audience to get approval, likes, and shares, but never really challenging them or expressing your opinions.
What if you could TAKE off that 20 pound armor of perfectionism?
What if you ran your business focusing on PASSION vs PERFECTIONISM?
Running your business would feel SO much LIGHTER! Amen to that!
So here’s what I’m doing to help with this…
I know there is a deep need in the pharmacist entrepreneurship space for these conversations (and of course, the actual transformation to unwind these patterns.)
I’m creating a MOVEMENT in this arena to help with this so you can experience more FREEDOM, expansion, and ease as you build your profitable, heart-centered business.
I have something BIG coming to help you with this.
Stay tuned. <3
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