The X Factor of ALL Great Coaches

Happy 4th of July!

Speaking of fireworks, I want to talk to you about getting triggered and fired up.
I want you to think of the BEST coaches in the world – sports, cooking, or otherwise. They all have similar qualities. Let me explain…👇👇
My husband, Eric, LOVES watching Robert Irvine. He’s an English celebrity chef who goes into failing restaurants and critiques various parts of the business to revive the business.
If you’ve seen his show, Restaurant: Impossible, you know his disposition. He’s tough. He’s brutally honest and he’ll even spit out the food in front of the restaurant owners if he doesn’t like what they’ve done.
Now, yes, that is a bit harsh, BUT he is a truth teller. He doesn’t sugar coat what needs to be improved upon for that restaurant to succeed.
Similarly, in the life/business/personal development coaching industry there are TONS of coaches.
Btw there is no judgment on what I am about to say. I am just purely observing patterns.
Many coaches play it safe and are ‘cheerleaders’, always putting out ONE brand of posts. The ‘rah rah’ energy – you know it. AND, what’s missing is this X factor that ALL great coaches have.
What is that ‘X’ factor? 👇👇
The best coaches in the world will CHALLENGE you.
They will call you on your shit so you can LEAP into your greatness (from LOVE.)
Yes, they’ll trigger you, but it’s to WAKE YOU UP out of your patterns.
I strive to challenge my clients, to call them on their shit, so that they can ELEVATE into who they are meant to be in this lifetime.
It’s okay if you get pissed at me.
It’s okay if you get triggered.
💫Why? Because when you get ignited, stuck patterns/energy is MOVING.
💫And when energy moves, guess what? YOU GET RESULTS.
When you get triggered, something is ignited inside of you. Something inside wakes up and says, ‘Yes, that’s me. I do that.’ From that empowered point, something can change.
If we always stay in people-pleasing, safe mode, we’ll never move from the comfort zone…and we’ll never change.
You need people in your life willing to tell you the TRUTH from love.
So cheers to getting ignited into your greatness. You’re meant for excellence. <3
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