What Happens When You Get Out Of Your Own Way


I meet with clients every week who want to reach their next level – whether it’s creating your first $5k month, scaling your side hustle to replace your income or create passive income streams.
And many of them THINK they just have to work on marketing, certifications, and acquiring more KNOWLEDGE.
Yes, knowledge helps. 100%.
But here’s some tough love…If you have blocks that are holding you back, it won’t matter how much you know or how many certifications you get.

You may KNOW what to do, but then something stops you.

Think of the person who signs up for a gym membership and swears up and down they’re going to go, but then never goes.
Or the person who knows they shouldn’t date the ‘bad boy’ type, but somehow they wind up in the same old relationship.
Or the person who does every certification known to man because…”I JUST NEED ONE MORE CERTIFICATION!”
If you never address the underlying block, you’re going to get the SAME result.
If you’re in survival mode, holding onto money out of fear and operating out of scarcity…you aren’t going to suddenly attract abundance and wealth.
If you’re operating in cycles of perfectionism, rigidity, overwhelm, and control, you aren’t suddenly going to work hard enough (or push enough) to force more clients to sign up with you.
If you’re stuck in overthinking and procrastination, you’re going to stay there until something shifts.
This is the power of the root-cause, deep transformation work I facilitate in my 1:1 sessions.
I intuitively get to the root of the block and use a variety of tools to help you clear it…so you’re not repeating the SAME old cycle of pain over and over and over again.
This work helps you release decades of old programming, nervous system dysregulation, post-trauma effects, and old suffering loops so you’re OWNING your light and effortlessly drawing in the women ready for your magic. 😉
It’s like unclogging a hose – once the block is cleared, more flow in the form of abundance and clients can happen. And you get to show up to serve in YOUR brilliance.
And guess what happens when you clear these blocks?
You start operating from a higher frequency of flow and it becomes EASIER. Instead of staying in force, fear, control, and scarcity…you’re energetically operating at higher levels (and thus making more $$.) 😉
It’s allowed to be easy, Queen. YOU have to choose it.
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