Are you Abandoning Yourself in Your Business? – It’s Time to Unmute Yourself

Are you Abandoning Yourself in Your Business? – It’s Time to Unmute Yourself

Self-abandonment. Suppressing, denying, or avoiding/ignoring parts of yourself (needs and desires) to please others or hide aspects of yourself.
But how do you KNOW you are abandoning yourself?
You know you are abandoning yourself when you…
👑Go to work on your business, but then get distracted by the needs of others and winding up procrastinating, delaying, or putting off what you needed or wanted to do.
👑Second-guess yourself, overthink and ruminate, letting others make decisions for you and assuming they know more than you do, instead of being a stand for your own desires.
👑Get a nudge about something, but then shrug it off or ignore it because it’s outside your comfort zone or doesn’t align with what your husband, significant other, or society wants for you.
👑Have a deep knowing about something you need to decide on or do, but then silence or suppress your needs because you don’t want to feel like a bitch or be ‘mean’ and have people be mad at you.
Self-abandonment is actually a built-in protection mechanism to keep your Inner Child ‘safe’ and dims your LIGHT…which directly translates to how you show up in your business.
From the lens of love and compassion…
It’s easy to see how this can cost you in many ways in your business, but it doesn’t have to. It’s SAFE for you to SHINE. {Breathe that in.}
This is exactly how I support women in TRUSTING those instincts, nudges, and intuitive hits because maybe they’ve abandoned themselves their entire lives. They’ve put themselves last because it was safer to suppress and not ‘rock the boat.’
The women I serve are deeply intuitive, but have had experiences along the way that have made them…
👑Not trust themselves or second-guess their decisions because of past experiences where their trust was betrayed or they got in trouble for speaking their needs.
👑Hide their light and silence their needs and voice to keep the status quo and avoid conflict, rocking the boat, or making others uncomfortable.
👑Leaning toward the distorted masculine energy – accomplishing and achieving through control while deeply seeking approval from the outside and forcing things to happen, leaving them burnt out, unhappy, and unfulfilled.
If you’re reading this and saying “It’s like she’s in my head!” – this is your invitation to Release and Rise.
Release and Rise is my 6 month life-changing group program/experience starting in January 2022 to help you release these old protection mechanisms to RISE into your Highest embodiment and full self-expression.
This is an EXPERIENCE in an intimate group (no more than 6 of us) where I will guide you to RECONNECT to your heart and feminine energy. This is where the magnetic magic is to create the outcomes you seek for your business, BTW. 😉
If this is you, you’re ready to EMBODY more of the real you
– with courage, confidence, and magnetism in your life and business so you’re experiencing more freedom and joy.
I will support you every step of the way in UNLOCKING and UNLEASHING who you have always been, letting go of decades worth of patterns that have kept you ‘safe’ but have perhaps limited the EXPANSION, freedom, and flow you’re craving in your business.
You are held.
You are supported to SHINE your TRUE essence.
It’s your time. You don’t need to abandon yourself anymore.
Comment below if this sounds like you!
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