Releasing and Reframing the Stories That We Tell Ourselves

Last night I kicked off a 6 month coaching program I am facilitating called Release & Rise.

This is a program for visionary women ready to release the limited 3D self to step into their Highest 5D embodiment to experience more ease and flow. More about 3D and 5D another time. 😉
Our group spoke about releasing the stories we’ve been telling ourselves and reframing those stories.
With the recent eclipse season and new moon in Gemini (happening today), this was the perfect topic to kick off the program.
We all have these stories, by the way.
A “story” is a repeated way of seeing a situation or person and it always costs you something. It’s an automatic programmed thought stream.
Running these stories can cost you…
-connection and love
-And more
Maybe your story is that you can’t trust people or that you’ll always be rejected. Or that money is scarce and never plentiful. You create stories around people in your life too. Ex: That person is never reliable. They ALWAYS do that. Oh you know how ____ is.
There is always judgment attached to stories, too.
Whatever that story is, you can SHIFT it to create a new outer reality.
You have the power to see it through a different lens when you see it from a Divine perspective and remove the ‘charge’ or meaning out of it to see it from a neutral place.
So I’ll ask you to reflect on these questions this week…
What are the stories in your life you’re ready to let go of?
How can you shift your lens to see your life circumstances from a higher perspective?
Peace, love, connection, and freedom are available for you if you are willing and open to seeing these situations and people differently. <3
You’ve got this. 😉
LMK what stories you tell yourself in the COMMENTS!
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