What’s Stopping You?

I want to ask you something this week.

👸🏻✨What STOPPING you from choosing your transformation?

Truly – what is it for you? The money? Resistance to change? Fear of losing people in your life?
Trust me, I know it’s scary, confronting, and unknown. But it’s not really about those things…☝️☝️
Your subconscious mind wants to keep you SAFE at all costs.
And when you get confronted with the possibility of anything changing, sabotage comes up. And the excuses follow…
But here’s what I want to ask you…
💰What is it costing you NOT to choose your healing and transformation?
Peace of mind?
Love and connection in your relationships?
Your health?
Money in your business?
Presence with your kids?
The energy you’re holding in your body from past trauma, old programming, and expired belief systems is costing you RIGHT NOW…BIG TIME.
So truly, the investment in your transformation PALES in comparison to holding onto the unworthiness, control, addictions, pain, and trauma. Right?
Of course, you have a choice…ALWAYS.
Yep, it’s easier to stay safe, play small, avoid, numb, and run away from it all.
To keep scrolling past this post and continue the vicious cycles draining your energy. 👋🏼👋🏼
You can choose to stay STUCK, fearful of spending the money to actually shift something.
OR you can choose your transformation. It’s really that simple.
I’m inviting you into that second choice…(the OTHER WAY)☝️.
✨Where you will experience RAPID transformation to clear the blocks and patterns you’ve held onto for decades.
✨Where you can breakthrough to the next level in your business, relationship, or health.
✨Where you can accelerate the path to TRUE joy, freedom, self-expression, and self-love.
Because that thing you want? It’s on the other side of your transformation. 💯
The women who came to my last retreat had major breakthroughs…
💃🏼One found her true voice, got clarity on a huge life decision, and released a TON of BS programming that was holding her back.
💃🏼Another wound up clearing blocks and had a 5-figure launch in her business.
💃🏼Another had her first $5k sale in her business.
💃🏼One healed the relationship with her mother, took her power back, and got her health back on track.
The possibilities are endless for your life when you RELEASE to ELEVATE.  LMK if you’re ready!
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