How to Raise Your Standards to Expect New Outcomes

We all have unconscious standards, beliefs, and expectations of what we can anticipate in our lives.

For example – You have a standard that you get paid a certain amount from your job per month.
You have standards for what you tolerate in your relationships.
You also have a standard for how you treat yourself.
Maybe there is something you are tolerating right now in your life – and you want to raise your standards around it.

Your STORIES AND BELIEFS create your STANDARDS about what you deserve.

And there is a STORY tied to your STANDARDS.
Ex: Well, I have to stay in this job because _____. “It’s safe and secure if I stay. I’ll be judged or seem ungrateful if I don’t stay. My parents never made more than $___.”
What if you could release these stories and elevate your standards to EXPECT new outcomes for your life?
This is exactly what I’m teaching inside my Elevate Membership this month.
How to release stories to raise your standards to expect new outcomes in your life so you feel empowered, free, and excited to show up to your life every day.
When your programming changes on the INSIDE, you’ll see shifts on the OUTSIDE. 😉
No matter what you’re desiring – better health, to attract a soulmate, make more money inside your business – this inner work is a game-changer to up-level your reality.

Is it time for an upgrade?

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