The Hot-Mess Express I’ve Been Lately

👸✨I’m finally coming off of my Zoloft after 3 years.

I’ve been on it for 3 years since before I left retail pharmacy in 2019. I started it because I was having panic attacks, I was ‘comfortable’ for a while on 25mg…and didn’t want to come off of it.

As I’m tapering off of it, I’ve been experiencing side effects – dizziness, irritability, feeling spacey…let’s just leave it at it’s not fun. 😉

You know I’m an open book…and this week in my Monetize Your Magic FB community I’m sharing raw, real, and deep details about my recent health journey.

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Why do I share this? I share because I want you to know I’m not perfect (at all.)

I’ve moved through a lot of surrendering lately with my body and my mental health and rather than fighting with it, I’m embracing it all.

So here’s what I want you to know this week…(Really sink into these words)

#1. Wherever you are in your journey, you don’t have to be PERFECT to help people, make money, or make a big impact. 

#2. Give yourself permission to be vulnerable with your audience…it doesn’t take anything away from you and it helps people CONNECT with you. 

#3. Just because you have _________(fill in the blank), doesn’t mean you can’t be successful NOW. Yes, even if you’re a ‘beginner.’ You have so much value, Queen! 

You are SO deeply loved and supported by me. Always.



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