Triggered? How to Anchor Back into Your Power

✨So let’s be real. I’m human. I get triggered.

I’M NOT PERFECT. There…I said it. 😉
So I totally got triggered this past week.
I had a situation come up in my business where I felt insecure, fearful, and ‘not good enough.’
Can you relate?
I felt my old patterns of control and judgment kick in. I called it my Inner Brat to soften the seriousness of how it felt to my ego.
Anyway, my Inner Brat was raging…making other people wrong, being self-righteous, judging all over the place…
Luckily, I have the awareness and tools to de-escalate myself and look inward.
As I did some subconscious work and examined what was causing all of this, I was drawn back to a moment in 5th grade. I was always very sensitive and had been bullied by 3 girls that year.
At the time, I felt sick to my stomach almost every day, but no one (not even my own parents) knew how to help me.
As I tuned into how I felt at the time in 5th grade getting bullied, it was ALL of the same feelings I was having as my adult self with this current trigger…
-Shame and unworthiness
You see, these frequencies of ‘not good enough’ live in our energy bodies. Unless that energy is felt, released, and integrated, we’ll be continuing to loop in these cycles, blaming everyone ‘out there.’
This is all part of the transformational process, btw.
To be honest, I am not surprised this came up to be reviewed and released for me. I am stepping into some BIG things and this is purely resistance and fear trying to keep me small. Not on my watch!
So here’s what I did to anchor back into my power:
-I sat with my heart and journaled the feelings
-I called on one of my many forms of support to dive into MYSELF and why this was a trigger
-I gave love to my Inner Child
-I listened to meditations and anchored back into my power.
And I said this affirmation to myself…
“I am enough and I will always have more than I need.” Repeat that one. Write it on a sticky note. Save it!
Sometimes our wounding pulls us back to a place where we felt powerless. As human beings, we tend to create stories and blame whoever triggered it.
There is a way to shift this…
When you step into transformation work you become more resilient since you are aware and know the tools to move through anything.
It’s the difference of sulking and complaining for days…vs. nipping it in the bud and moving on with your life. Where you focus, you feel.
So I am thankful for my triggers. Because they’ve allowed me the opportunity for more love, compassion, and healing.
You can do the same… you’ve got this!
LMK in the COMMENTS what you do when you feel triggered!
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