My “F-It” Moment

I can still remember the turning point that lead to my “f%$& it” moment of leaving retail pharmacy.

It was the end of March 2019 and at the time, I was experiencing terrible anxiety going into work every day. I had been at Rite Aid for 8 months. Prior to that, I’d worked at independent pharmacies part-time.
I worked 2 12-hour shifts back to back without breaks or being able to leave the building. Even though I wasn’t the pharmacy manager, I still had a lot of expectations put on me. I was told to do more flu shots, make more calls – basically to ignore my own needs for the corporation.
It felt like prison. But I did it for the money.
I worked with women who constantly complained about their salary, the conditions, every little mistake anyone made. It was completely toxic.
One day in particular, one of my coworkers started a rumor about something I did – I honestly don’t even remember what it was. But I recall having a panic attack and starting to hyperventilate. I literally couldn’t take it any more.
I confronted the woman who was talking about me and left the store that night planning on never returning again.
I quit the next day. {And silently flipped retail pharmacy the bird.}
I didn’t have a back up job, a rich husband (sorry Eric), or a trust fund.
I just knew that I didn’t want to tolerate an abusive environment where my basic human rights were denied.
I can still remember getting my last pay check and slightly panicking that I would no longer have that ‘security.’
But I prayed. I prayed for the answers, for the steps. And it came through a business coaches email newsletter.
A few days later, I hired her and invested almost $20k with her to learn how to make my business work. For many years, I’d stubbornly done it on my own, but had minimal results.
I had no clue how it would work out, but I just TRUSTED. I knew the desires in my heart and went with it.
Within that next month, I was able to call in 2 new clients – and within that year I replaced my pharmacist salary.
Along the way, I hit up against some big road bumps. I kept getting on calls with potential clients, but they always said they didn’t have the time or money. I KNEW I could help them, but I kept hearing ‘No.’ It was frustrating and I couldn’t understand it.
It wasn’t until I hired my second coach (a transformation coach), that I started seeing real results. I had so many blindspots that I couldn’t see for myself because I was too close to my own situation.
I had deep-seated unworthiness beliefs, control patterns, and was unconsciously operating from my masculine programming of needing to work REALLLLLY hard to force things to happen.
The interesting thing is…When I released those programs, beliefs, and patterns so much opened up for me. It’s a big part of why I do the work I do now with empath entrepreneurs.
Because your business journey is very much a healing journey – one of growth, transformation, and becoming who you’ve always been.
Because I know how frustrating it can be to…
Pour your heart into something, but not see results in your bank account.
Spend hours on marketing, but hear crickets when you put a program out.
Keep hearing ‘No, not now’ when you know your potential client needs your help.
Sometimes it’s an energetic shift that needs to happen. Sometimes it’s a practical one.
The transformation is truly you becoming MORE of the real unlocked and unleashed version of YOU – empowered, confident, connected to your intuition, and aligned with your mission.
It’s my magic to be able to clearly identify it and help you shift it so you can elevate to your next level of income and impact.
The interesting thing is…often times in my 1:1 sessions we aren’t talking strategy. It’s all of the little energetic patterns that need to be shifted in order for things to start gaining momentum.
If you’re at your ‘f%$& it’ moment, I get it…and I invite you to consider working with me!  Are you ready?  LMK in the comments.


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